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Winged Messenger Mercury Brings Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up

The messenger of the Gods, Mercury, with his winged shoes, brings this week’s Texas Progressive Alliance round-up of the best in liberal and progressive Texas blogging.   

The TPA is pleased to unveil its newly redesigned website, where you can connect with the Alliance and our member bloggers via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, DFA, Party Builder, Ning and other social networking tools.

Mike Thomas of Rhetoric & Rhythm looks at a week’s worth of opinion columns from the San Antonio Express-News and determines there is a nearly three-to-one imbalance of conservative/Republican columns compared to liberal/Democratic ones.

On Bluedaze,TXsharon busts the myths that natural gas is cleaner, that shale drilling will make us safer, and that domestic drilling can make us energy independent.

There was no attempt of a citizens’ arrest of Karl Rove while he visited Houston last week, raising money for Texas House Republicans. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs hoped it would happen, to no avail.

WhosPlayin is concerned about operators wanting to drill for gas in Lewisville’s urban forest area near Central Park.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wonders why sexual assault equates to perjury — wink, wink — if you’re a person of power in Texas.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on HD-52 Democratic candidate Diana Maldonado’s opponent Bryan Daniel sharing his campaign office with a local charity: IRS Complaint Filed Against Round Rock Charity.

Off the Kuff takes a look at the possible effect Libertarian candidates may have on some close State House races.

Texas Liberal uses the ancient epic Gilgamesh to discuss reactions to vulnerability and innocence in both the ancient and modern world.

McBlogger takes a look at the latest Republican fundraising pitch and finds that it’s only appealing to the same geriatric patients who are McThuselah’s base. And those elephants are very tacky.

This week jobsanger is outraged by an Arkansas city that’s trashing the Constitution and a small Texas country school that’s allowing teachers to carry guns.

refinish69 awards the Infamous Cheese Tray Awards over at Doing My Part For The Left.

Mean Rachelsupports Obama but argues against Maureen Dowd’s assertion that Hillary Clinton’s appearance in Denver will “dampen the dreams of our daughters.”

Libby Shaw puts the pieces together over at TexasKos in Military Contractors Charge U.S. Taxpayers $85 Billion. Not only are we NOT saving money by outsourcing military support functions, we are pissing off people worldwide. Worst of all? Eisenhower’s worst fear has come to pass: the military-industrial complex is real, alive and in control …

Justin at Asian-American Action Fund Blog marvels at the coming Charlie Wilson Chair at UT, which will become the first Pakistan studies endowment in the nation.

Vince at Capitol Annex takes a look at a scandal that links state Sen. John Carona (D-Dallas) to a condo development in Houston that is falling apart.

Don’t forget to check out the other TPA member blogs for the latest news on Texas and national politics: The Agonist, B & B, Bay Area Houston, Beginning to Wonder, BlueBloggin, Burnt Orange Report, The Caucus Blog, Common Sense, Dallas South, Dig Deeper Texas, Dos Centavos, Easter Lemming Liberal News, Feet To Fire, Grassroots News U Can Use, Half Empty, In The Pink Texas, Latina Lista, Lubbock Left, Marc’s Miscellany, MindSpeak, MOMocrats, Musings, North Texas Liberal, Para Justicia y Libertad, The Red State, Rhetoric & Rhythm, Same Blog, Different Day, South Texas Chisme, StoutDemBlog, The Texas Blue, The Texas Cloverleaf, Texas Education, Texas Truth Serum, There… Already, Three Wise Men, TruthHugger, and Xpatriated Texan.

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