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Why Get Mad Over Campaign When Obama Does Not Fight Back Or Fight For Working People?

The Presidential campaign is not so much interesting to me as it is a source of frustration. The idea of 12 years of Bush-McCain when in my 40 years the only Democratic Presidents I have ever known are Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, is very frustrating.   

The campaign distorts my personality in some small measure. It makes me more angry than I normally am. It hardens me towards people I don’t want to be around. I was this way four years ago and I feel this way today. The campaign is an irritating background noise. A ringing in your ears you can’t shake.

Today I found myself wondering why I’m getting so mad when Barack Obama seemingly refuses to fight back against a series of smears from John McCain about Senator Obama’s patriotism.

I wondered why I’m so mad when he refuses, so far, to fight hard for working people. Why isn’t Mr. Obama out on the trail advocating for universal health care and better wages? Why isn’t he telling the truth about the global economy means for American workers and about possible solutions to these new conditions.

The following is from a New York Times story about a new Times/CBS poll that has Mr. Obama three points ahead of Mr. McCain—    

Slim majorities said neither candidate had made clear what he would do as president, suggesting that both need to use their conventions to provide voters with a better sense of their plans for addressing the deteriorating economy, high energy prices, access to health care and national security. Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, is still closely associated with the deeply unpopular President Bush. Nearly half of those surveyed said that they expected him to continue the Bush administration’s policies if he were elected president.

Mr. Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, was trusted more by voters to handle their top concern, the economy. Sixty-five percent of those surveyed said they were confident that Mr. Obama would make the right decisions on the economy, compared with 54 percent who expressed confidence that Mr. McCain would. When it came to foreign policy, the image was inverted: 66 percent expressed confidence in Mr. McCain to make the right decisions, and 55 percent in Mr. Obama.

But the economy — not national security — is shaping up as the far greater concern this year. Four in 10 voters called it their top concern; only 15 percent cited the Iraq war. Taken together, a series of pocketbook issues — including the economy, jobs, gas prices and energy policy — were the leading concerns of more than half of those surveyed. Terrorism and national security, along with the war, were cited as most important by just under a quarter.

Why isn’t Senator Obama known already as a fighter for working people on these economic issues?

I assume Mr. Obama has a plan for winning this campaign. I’m looking forward to this plan showing some progress in the days to come. I sure hope this is what happens.

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Photo From 1908 Democratic Convention In Denver

original negative

The 1908 Democratic National Convention was held in Denver, Colorado and nominated William Jennings Bryan of Nebraska for President. Mr. Bryan, nominated for a third unsuccessful run, lost to William Howard Taft of Ohio.

The 1908 convention was the first major party convention held in a western state.

The theme of the convention’s platform was “Shall the people rule?”

From the platform— The conscience of the nation is now aroused to free the government from the grip of those who have made it a business asset of the favor-seeking corporations. It must become again a people’s government and be administered in all its departments according to the Jeffersonian maxim, “equal rights to all; special privilege to none.

“Shall the people rule? is the overshadowing issue which manifests itself in all the questions now under discussion.”

On Election Day 1908, the people decided it would be best if Mr. Taft ruled.

Here are detailed results of the 1908 election.

Here is information about the 1908 campaign. 

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Winged Messenger Mercury Brings Texas Progressive Alliance Round-Up

The messenger of the Gods, Mercury, with his winged shoes, brings this week’s Texas Progressive Alliance round-up of the best in liberal and progressive Texas blogging.   

The TPA is pleased to unveil its newly redesigned website, where you can connect with the Alliance and our member bloggers via Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, DFA, Party Builder, Ning and other social networking tools.

Mike Thomas of Rhetoric & Rhythm looks at a week’s worth of opinion columns from the San Antonio Express-News and determines there is a nearly three-to-one imbalance of conservative/Republican columns compared to liberal/Democratic ones.

On Bluedaze,TXsharon busts the myths that natural gas is cleaner, that shale drilling will make us safer, and that domestic drilling can make us energy independent.

There was no attempt of a citizens’ arrest of Karl Rove while he visited Houston last week, raising money for Texas House Republicans. PDiddie at Brains and Eggs hoped it would happen, to no avail.

WhosPlayin is concerned about operators wanting to drill for gas in Lewisville’s urban forest area near Central Park.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wonders why sexual assault equates to perjury — wink, wink — if you’re a person of power in Texas.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on HD-52 Democratic candidate Diana Maldonado’s opponent Bryan Daniel sharing his campaign office with a local charity: IRS Complaint Filed Against Round Rock Charity.

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