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My Views On Abortion

I’ve been wanting to do a post on the issue of abortion. I’ve just not found the right way to express myself on the matter. 

A few days ago I read the views on this question of Democratic U.S. Representative David Obey of Wisconsin. I’m going to let him speak for me—

“While I detest abortion and agree with Catholic teaching that in most instances it is morally wrong, I decline to force my views into laws that, if adopted, would be unenforceable and would tear this society apart.”

Though I’m not Catholic or a follower of any religion, I go here with Mr. Obey. I feel a deep wariness of abortion is the stance most consistent with my opposition to the death penalty, my opposition to unnecessary war and obscene amounts of defense spending, and my support of an activist government that helps meet the needs of individuals in society.

I feel this society will kill any anytime it gets the chance. This whether it be high rates of murder or a barbaric affinity for the death penalty, Afghan or Iraqi civilians at the wrong place at the wrong time when our drones and airplanes come around, or poor people who are in essence left to die because they can’t afford the basic needs of our society.         

I support a woman’s right to choose. Not because I assume a good choice will be made, but because of the mix of abstract reasoning, optimism, and nihilism that makes my support for democracy personally tenable. 

If you don’t like nihilism, than how about a strong sense of the absurd.

People must be able to choose the course they will follow in life. ( As long as they pay their taxes. You can’t have a society without taxes.) This ability to choose is essential in a society that would see itself as free.

Birth control, access to affordable day care, and the prospect of decent-paying jobs for hard working people might lower the abortion rate in our country. But politicians absurdly identified as “pro-life” don’t do much to encourage these things. Instead, they often work diligently to make life even more difficult for young families, single mothers and children of all ages.

Congressman Obey represents much of rural northwestern Wisconsin. The largest city in his district is Wausau. Why rural voters keep voting Republican when they get little in return, just as Democrats often use city voters, is something of a mystery. 

Rep. Obey seems in many respects close to my own views. Mr. Obey advocates government mandated universal health care, and a government with a role in job creation and in the economy as a whole. At the same time, he seems hesitant about libertine personal behavior, but without race-baiting or gay-baiting. He favors stem cell research. 

Please click here an account of many of Mr. Obey’s votes and positions. Mr. Obey is 69 and has been a member of the House since 1969.

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  1. I’m glad you opted to blog on this issue. I for one have always been pro-choice. For many reasons, one of which, people are going to do things even when you make them illegal, and abortion is one of them. A fact of life. I agree with you, teaching, educating, and helping those less fortunate, could decrease the need. And I also agree, hard core repubs are usually against all the above, to make matters worse. I also have a personal interest in this issue, I have relatives who have had abortions, and have gone on to lead productive lives, bring other children into a world at an appropriate time. Some might say, they killed a child, but the children they have now would not be here would they? And my relatives would not be the wonderful parents, pillars of society, hard working, tax paying individuals they are today, now would they? Probably not. I also don’t see how anyone can be pro-life but be for capital punishment and war.

    Comment by Texas Education | August 18, 2008

  2. I am all for freedom of choice I just think late term is for the lazy that made a mistake and waited to long to take care of it. i support the death penalty as well. assisted suicide as well.

    Comment by bill brady | August 19, 2008

  3. “Why, when it’s a person, do we call it an abortion but when it’s a chicken we call it an omelet?”

    — George Carlin

    Comment by PDiddie | August 19, 2008

  4. I hate reading that most people think late term abortion is used by those too lazy to get one during the firs trimester. It is very infrequently used, actually, and USUALLY only when the mother has severe complications, such as she would die if not given this abortion. Whose life gets preference?

    I am not pro-abortion, just for having medical choices be the choice of mother and doctor. There are many circumstances most don’t think of, such as the thirteen year old girl I worked with in a counseling practice whose father impregnated her (he went to prison)? What do you tell such a child? She must become a mother? Incest has a 25% or greater chance of producing a genetically damaged child with sometimes severe disability? Must this also be added to her trauma, in addition to what her father did to her sense of trust and belief in the world as a safe place?

    Comment by mariamariacuchita | August 19, 2008

  5. Thank you for expressing your views on this issue. When I find myself in conversations about abortion, which is rare because it is usually a basic and fundamental disagreement in which those are anti-choice (“pro-life”) usually will give no room for compromise, I always make clear that being pro-choice does not mean that you are pro-abortion. Abortion is a tragedy, there should be less of it, but it should be legal, and it should be safe.

    Comment by LiberalTexan | August 19, 2008

  6. There is no such thing as being “pro-abortion”.

    No one, I submit, can be accurately described this way. Not even a woman who has chosen to terminate her pregnancy more than once. I submit there is no one in the entire world who has ever lived that has gotten pregnant with the sole purpose of having an abortion.

    One is either pro-abortion rights, or one is not.

    “Pro-abortion” is just another conservative frame. As such, usage of the phrase should cease, particularly in the media.

    Comment by PDiddie | August 21, 2008

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