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Photo Of Big Artichoke & Paul Revere Book

Above is a photo I took last night of a very large artichoke and, also, my copy of Paul Revere And The World He Lived In by Esther Forbes. I’m not fully sure the picture captures the size of the artichoke, but it was a big one.

Below is a picture of an artichoke field. I had never contemplated how artichokes were grown. Here is information about artichokes. It seems people have been eating artichokes for thousands of years.  

Paul Revere And The World He Lived In was a Pulitzer Prize winner for history. It’s one of the best books I’ve read. You feel you are in Colonial Boston and that you have a sense of Paul Revere. Here is a review of the book from Time Magazine in 1942. 

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  1. Great artichoke dip..shake Nature’s Seasoning, garlic and a little italian dressing over hot artichoke. As it cools, mix enough curry powder in good quality mayo to make it egg yolk yellow. Dip cooled artichoke leaves. Can add a little lemon, garlic and/or salt to taste.

    I ate a lot of artichokes when I was pregnant. Love ’em.

    (How on earth did you come to juxtapose choke and the midnight ride? Still life in da city?)

    Comment by Melissa | August 17, 2008

  2. It was the book that was near the artichoke and I had a camera nearby as well. See—It makes sense when I explain.

    Thank you for the artichoke dip suggestion.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | August 17, 2008

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