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Hillary Clinton And Supporters Have Earned Convention Spot

Hillary Clinton and her delegates and supporters have earned the right to be heard at the Democratic National Convention in Denver later this month.  

All the votes should be counted.  

We hear about party unity and that is very important. But folks are not simply going to forget that just a few months ago there was a tough nomination fight. Senator Clinton won many Democratic votes and her followers worked hard. This work has earned a spot in Denver.

Let’s follow the open and correct path. Let people have their day and take it on faith that they will focus on Mrs. Clinton’s virtues, and not on what some may feel are failings of Mr. Obama.

Let’s put the nomination battle behind us by recognizing the importance and accomplishments of everyone who wants to see a Democrat in the White House next year.

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1980’s Punk Rock Fanzines—Like A Blog You Produced At Kinko’s

I’ve been reading the book American Hardcore–A Tribal History by Steven Blush. The excerpt below is about the 1980’s punk rock fanzine Flipside— –

“…Flipside, a fanzine out of Whittier, California, 20 miles east of LA. It first appeared in August ’77 as a 25-cent, 100 run xeroxed rag documenting LA punk. By 1980 its coverage expanded to include the entire country, with several thousand copies….It wasn’t a magazine in the traditional sense—rather a bunch of kids turned on by a scene cranked it our whenever possible. The rumblings…fit perfectly into its coverage of acts like Germs and Ramones. Flipside scribes with sames like Hud, Pooch and X-8 delivered chatty interviews crammed in small type accompanying poorly reproduced photos.”

Reading this brought back memories. In my hometown of the time, Cincinnati, there were a number of punk fanzines. ‘zines they were called. They did not last very long. But just as was Flipside, they were written, photographed, and produced by a bunch of kids. You’d work on it and then go to Kinko’s to make your copies.

I guess if we had been punk rockers today, many of us would have punk rock blogs.

Being a hardcore punk rocker was a fleeting thing. You had to be around at the right time—the early 1980’s— and in a place with a good scene. Still, I feel some sympathy for kids today who seem to spend so much time isolated behind a computer. It appears to be so inward looking.

You don’t have to be a punk rocker to be a happy young adult. I suppose many might say avoid being a punk rocker to be a happy young adult. But it was sure fun to be part of something and to find people who saw the world, to a degree at least, as I did.       

Please click here for my greatest punk rock moments.

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Harris County Coordinated Campaign Midtown HQ. & Republican Opposition Research Web Home

The Harris County Democratic coordinated campaign has a new Midtown Houston location. Above is a picture of the headquarters. This being August, you may not recognize the building from last winter.

The location is 3710 Travis on the corner of Alabama and Travis.

Here is the website of the coordinated campaign. You can find other office locations or give them a call to see what is up. Offices are going up around the county.

Also, The Truth About Texas Republicans, is a new opposition research web site about incumbent Republicans in the Texas State House and State Senate. Check it out.

You’ll see they are even worse than you thought. Look up some of your least favorite incumbents and spread the bad word on your blog or by word of mouth.

Below is an illustration of the Texas Republican Legislative Caucus in private session. 

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