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U.S House Candidate Michael Skelly—Use When Needed

Texas U.S. House Candidate Michael Skelly issued a statement today suggesting MoveOn.org should “move out of Texas.” (Clever, huh?) This was in response to a MoveOn event at Congressman John Culberson’s office yesterday asking Mr. Culberson to look for solutions to our energy needs beyond offshore drilling.     

Because, whatever you may think, offshore drilling is not going to lower your gas prices

Mr. Skelly, a Democrat, is seeking to unseat Mr. Culberson, a Republican, in the November election.

This race is being contested in the 7th U.S House district in Texas. This has been a strong Republican district, but Mr. Skelly is given a chance of winning.

One can understand if Mr. Skelly does not want to be identified with MoveOn in a Republican-leaning district. Winning elections is a practical concern. 

What should not be forgotten though, is that MoveOn consists mostly of average folks who are getting involved for no return but the chance to work for what they believe. I’m certain that on Election Day, Mr. Skelly will take the votes of MoveOn members in the 7th district.

There’s nothing more important someone can give than time. Time is the most important thing we have in life. 20 people stood out in the heat yesterday at Mr. Culberson’s office. Most people do nothing.

Politicians are inherently users. ( As are many of us.) This does not mean they are all without beliefs. You can be a user and have beliefs at the same time. In fact, some politicians are principled.

But when you tell folks working for you to “move out”, you’d might as well be telling them to go to hell. It’s a reaction that strikes of panic by his campaign and of disdain for his active supporters.

Mr. Skelly has the right to conduct his effort as he sees best. And Democrats and progressives in the 7th district have the right to view Mr. Skelly in a guarded fashion.

I see Mr. Skelly as he sees me—As somebody to use to reach a goal. If he seems viable on Election Day and if he can resist telling people who feel as I do to take a hike, I’ll vote for him. It’s one thing to not agree with me on all the issues. I’m not the only person in the world. It’s another thing not to want my support.

If on Election Day he fades away, I’ll just wait two years for the next user to come along.

(This is also posted at the Houston Chronicle where I’m one of seven featured political reader-bloggers.)

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Masked Olympians Looking Out For Number One


This masked woman is one of the U.S. Olympic cyclists who wore a mask to protect herself from bad air in Beijing.

Will she or any of her teammates speak up for human rights in China?

Don’t hold your breath.

So what if a billion Chinese are not free? This woman does not want to breathe bad air. That’s what important.

Here is the Human Rights Watch report on freedom in China in the context of the Olympics.

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