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Could President Bush Be Charged As A War Criminal?

The Economist magazine recently asked if President George W. Bush might face some type of international war crimes trial after he leaves office. A retired American general is quoted as saying that the Bush administration is likely guilty of war crimes for prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq.

Human rights activists in France and Germany have begun to seek human rights charges against former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The article I link to explains the specifics.

You might think that lying his way into a tragic war might have already merited President Bush a charge of treason.

Still, maybe an outside chance of justice exists with evolving standards of international law. If not the justice of Mr. Bush being apprehended while abroad and placed in a cell, at least the prospect of formal charges and a measure of circumspection by Mr. Bush as to where he travels after his Presidency.

Can a person in power get away with anything at all? One hopes that after such a brutal 20th-century, the 21st-century will bring new and better standards of global justice.

Please click here for a review of The Dark Side–The Inside Story Of How The War On Terror Turned Into A War On American Ideals by Jane Mayer. This book discusses the Bush response of torture and breaches of American civil liberties as part of the so-called “War on Terror.”

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I’ve Little Option But To Vote For Bradford For Harris County District Attorney

The position of Harris County,Texas District Attorney is an important office. The D.A. decides on matters of life and death.

Harris County loves the death penalty. Counted up until February of 2008, 61 of the 693 executions in the United States since the Supreme Court re-established the death penalty have come from Harris County. That is 8.8% of all U.S. executions coming from one county.

Here is the link to The Innocence Project—Read about the number of innocent people who have been put to death in the United States.

Also, Harris County has been sending some people to jail based on negligent and incompetent work done by the City of Houston’s crime lab.

Earlier in 2008, Republican District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal was forced to resign because of a variety of misdeeds. These misdeeds included an office computer that had stored on it insulting comments and jokes about women and blacks.

None of this is a surprise. There is nothing so lousy or wicked that it would surprise me coming from the Republican-run Harris County District Attorney’s office. The core of Republican support in Harris County consists to a good degree of brutal-minded people with bad hearts. They don’t care if innocent people go to jail or are put to death. I think many of these folks get a rush out of that kind of thing.  

No reasonable person has any faith in the idea of equal justice in Harris County

Republicans have held the D.A.’s office many years now. In 2008, Democrats have a good chance to win a number of countywide positions. 

The Republican candidate is a former judge with a poor and erratic record on the bench.

The Democratic candidate is former Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford. 

I can’t claim to be enthused about Chief Bradford. Mr. Bradford inherited the crime lab mess, but he admits he did not take all steps possible to resolve the problem. I don’t understand such a path.

How could you be in a position to be able to do something about the lousy crime lab, and not do all in your power to resolve the matter? People’s freedom, and lives, were on the line.

I’ll vote for Mr. Bradford. I feel this office is so important that I can’t stay on the sidelines. It will be good to have an elected D.A. who you feel might at least be a full human being, and not the monsters who have held the job in recent years.

But as I often say, and will say many times during next year’s Houston city council elections, city residents who vote for Democrats time and time again have plenty of reason to be wary of the options we are given at the local level by the Democratic Party.

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