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Photo Of Cincinnati’s Union Terminal

Here is a photo I took a few months ago of the well-known Union Terminal in Cincinnati.

At one time many trains arrived at Union Terminal.

Now it is a museum center with four museums inside.

While I voted no on the absurd sales tax increase to fund a stadium for the bullying and greedy Cincinnati Bengals football team, a team that loses week after week and year after year, I voted yes on the levy to fund the conversion of Union Terminal to a museum center. 

Union Terminal is worth a visit should life take you to Cincinnati.

Here is a very good web page on Union Terminal. It takes a moment to load, but it is worth the wait.

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Are Texas Progressive Alliance Bloggers Making The Best Use Of Their Lives?

Each week the Texas Progressive Alliance weekly blog round-up points out misdeeds by Republicans, conservatives, and large corporations. 

Are people listening?

I’ve read differing interpretations of the life of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison (above.)  Some say his lifelong labors against slavery did little for the cause and that only the course of events and history ended slavery.

Others assert Mr. Garrison and others like him laid the groundwork for the end of slavery. And in any case, better a difficult life spent in the service of a meritorious cause, than a life of ease in the service of wickedness.  

Given the brevity of life, any use of your time is a roll of the dice. Are TPA bloggers, such as myself, using the time they have in life well by blogging, or will events proceed regardless of their actions?

As I said, it’s a roll of the dice.

Here is the weekly round-up—   

TxSharon challenges you to view these pictures of domestic drilling Armageddon in the Barnett Shale and still support the Drill and Burn domestic drilling agenda.

U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez’ Republican challenger for the 23rd Congressional seat is taken to task by Mike Thomas of Rhetoric & Rhythm for shirking his responsibility on a critical hospital expansion vote before the Bexar County Commissioner’s Court.

WCNews at Eye On Williamson posts on the GOP’s “latest” energy plan in Carter, Oil, & Hair Of The Dog.

Neil at Texas Liberal asks what would be the impact if polar bears could vote.

Off the Kuff looks at a Texas Monthly overview of the effects of the presidential race on down ballot elections in Texas and offers his criticism of it.

Guest columnist JR Behrman atTexas Kaos has a few strong words about Energy Policy: Democrats Routed. He also has a Texas plan.

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