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It is good to be a blogger and it is good to have fellow bloggers. Here are a few blogs for you to review—

Texas Education is posting consistently about a variety of issues related to schools in Texas. It’s a subject worthy of attention and this blogger is working hard.  

Castle Hills Democrats is the blog of Precinct 224 in Denton County, Texas. The precinct chair, a Ms. Ford, has been nice enough to visit this blog and to add my shop to her blogroll.

I’d be more than happy to add any Texas or elsewhere precinct blog to my blogroll and give them a plug.

A blog I’ve mentioned before but merits another link is Left of College Station. The young man who writes this blog is doing good work in a tough part of the state for his views. He merits support.

There are three other blogs I’d like to link to here as well.

Black Political Analysis is written by a political science professor at the University of Mississippi. He has been nice enough to link to one of my postr. I’d adding him to my blogroll today and I won’t stop him if he’d like to return the favor.

All Other Persons is a blog of political and social views with an emphasis on black America. I just read on this blog a good post about Daisy Bates who was a civil rights figure in 1950’s Arkansas.

From My Brown Eyed View is written by a kind woman in Columbus, Ohio. She touches on many subjects and does so well.

Thanks to all these good blogs for the effort they give and for their kindness.

The big fish above is a grouper.

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