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Lose The Election Is What John Culberson Can Do For Me

My terrible Congressman, the far-right John Culberson, sent me some taxpayer financed junk mail.

It’s a multi-colored circular with attacks on the “Democrat-led Congress.” Would not black-and-white printing been the more frugal course with taxpayer money?

On the mailing it says–“If there is anything John Culberson can do for you…please contact him at the Houston or Washington offices.”

What John Culberson can do for me is lose the election.

Mr. Culberson’s opponent in the 7th U.S. House district of Texas is Michael Skelly. Mr. Skelly has raised more money than Mr. Culberson to this point and he is going to win in November.

Mr. Skelly is going to win despite his tiny little square “bumper stickers” you can hardly see unless you are tailgating.

Please click here for my post on why you should volunteer for Mr. Skelly.

Here is the web page for Mr. Skelly.

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  1. Can’t you get that Joe Wilson ad off this webpage??

    Comment by mb | September 15, 2009

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