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Life Is Like An At-Large Election

Life is like an at-large election. You don’t have to make everybody happy. You don’t have to make a majority of people happy.

Most elections in the United States are “first-past-the-post.” This means that no matter how many candidates are running, whoever gets the most votes wins. If there are three or more candidates and nobody wins a majority, the first place finisher prevails.

However, in most cases there are only two candidates, or the minor party candidates are of little consequence. You have gain a majority of voters to win.

At-large elections are different. In an at-large election, a large field runs for a certain number of seats. For example, in elections for the Cincinnati City Council, there are nine open spots and voters get nine choices. The top nine finishers win a spot on council.

In the 1991 Cincinnati Council election, 99,048 people voted. A man named Tyrone Yates won by finishing ninth among the 26 candidates. Mr. Yates won 36,548 votes. 36.9% of voters selected Mr. Yates and 63.1% did not include him.

It did not matter that 63% of voters left Mr. Yates off the ballot. He won fair and square. 

Not only that, but since in 1991 their were 187,376 registered voters in Cincinnati, Mr. Yates won just 19% of all possible voters. This is not uncommon in Cincinnati Council elections. In fact, it’s a solid showing.

I’d say that life, and blogging as well, is like an at-large election. There are only so many people you have to make happy. The rest of them you don’t have to make happy.

Even better about life is that you can decide just how many people you need to satisfy for your definition of success. You might need a lot of people in your life or you might need just a few. 

Blogging is the same way. You just need a certain number of people to be on board with you for success. Most people can ignore you and it will make no difference.

Just like in an at-large election, we must figure out who we need in life and who can move on. You can’t make all of the people happy all of the time and you don’t need to.

Up top is a picture of what I’ll term the “ballot box of life.” Who are your core supporters in life? Their backing is all you need in that ballot box.

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Lose The Election Is What John Culberson Can Do For Me

My terrible Congressman, the far-right John Culberson, sent me some taxpayer financed junk mail.

It’s a multi-colored circular with attacks on the “Democrat-led Congress.” Would not black-and-white printing been the more frugal course with taxpayer money?

On the mailing it says–“If there is anything John Culberson can do for you…please contact him at the Houston or Washington offices.”

What John Culberson can do for me is lose the election.

Mr. Culberson’s opponent in the 7th U.S. House district of Texas is Michael Skelly. Mr. Skelly has raised more money than Mr. Culberson to this point and he is going to win in November.

Mr. Skelly is going to win despite his tiny little square “bumper stickers” you can hardly see unless you are tailgating.

Please click here for my post on why you should volunteer for Mr. Skelly.

Here is the web page for Mr. Skelly.

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Please Slow Down And Be Careful On All Highways Of Life

A young woman I knew reasonably well died last year on a Texas road. She was not at fault in the accident. She was a smart young person and would have had a great life. As it was, she did plenty of good for others in the time she had.

In her death notice in the newspaper, and in the program at her service, her parents wrote—“(we) would like to encourage everyone to slow down and be careful on all the highways of life.”

I think of this everyday. It’s great advice.

Please slow down and be careful on all the highways of life.

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