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Brutal Dictatorship To Start Olympics In 24 Days

The brutal dictatorship of China will begin the Summer Olympic games in 24 days on August 8.

Not one of the more than one billion people who live in China has political freedom.

Here is Human Rights Watch about the ongoing brutality of the Chinese government in the context of the Olympics.

The Olympic games were also held in Nazi Berlin in 1936 and Communist Moscow in 1980.

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Unincorporated Harris County Could Incorporate And Take Some Responsibility

The Houston Chronicle reported today that the Harris County Sheriff’s office has essentially thrown up its hands over the problem of copper theft.

The City of Houston is located in Harris County.

The sheriff does not have enough resources to police this crime in unincorporated areas of the county. The City of Houston cracked down, and now copper crooks figure they can get away with their misdeeds in the more lawless unincorporated areas of the county.

This follows a Chronicle story a few days before saying that people living in more wealthy areas of the county are able to buy additional sheriff patrols

You know what folks?—-Incorporate! Get yourself a Mayor and a City Council and a police force. Maybe you could even build yourself a few parks. That’s what people do in a society.

Incorporate and take some responsibility for your own communities.

Leaving your fate to Harris County government is crazy. Civilization is spread thin around here. ( And, in fairness, everywhere else as well.) Harris County is not going to get around to very many quality of life issues.

People are going to have to come together and build some sense of community!!!

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