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Obama New Yorker Cover—Didn’t Archie Bunker Get The Last Laugh?

This illustration provided by The New Yorker magazine, the cover ... 

The smart folks at The New Yorker don’t feel people will take seriously the cover art on the magazine this week. They say people will know it is satire. 

Well–That may be true with a bunch of annoying know-it-alls. But what they’ve done is hand the McCain folks a new campaign poster. The McCain team will say all the right things about how it’s offensive and all that. Still, you can bet somebody is already figuring out how make the best use of this against Senator Obama.

I have a few seasons of All In The Family on DVD.  All In The Family was intended as satire as well. Archie Bunker was supposed to be part of a dying breed and Meathead was going to be the future. Yet when you watch the show today, you see that what Archie was saying is not so far from what Republicans have been saying for the past 35 years.

Archie Bunker would be plenty at home in the Newt Gingrich/Rush Limbaugh Republican Party of 1990’s and the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney Republican party of this decade. Watched in 2008, the Archie Bunker of 1971 seems more prophet than fool. At least he does in terms of the political arguments that have carried the day over the last three decades.    

If we’re going to see Senator Obama in this way, why not have a cover of the violence-loving Senator McCain in a “mock” war trial for all the civilians he bombed in one unjust war 40 years ago, as he supports yet another unjust war in 2008. 

Or better yet, let’s have Senator McCain on the phone with Osama bin Laden in the cave, figuring out what day Osama could attack America that would help Mr. McCain most at the polls. Maybe they could text message each other with cute little bomb and airplane icons.

The folks at The New Yorker live in some sort of insular fantasy land. They think it’s all a big joke. If I were them, I’d not be so certain about who gets the last laugh.

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Faith-Based Initiatives—They Don’t Bother Me

Senator Barack Obama has said he will continue to fund so-called faith-based initiatives if elected President. (This link to Salon details some possible differences how Mr. Obama would conduct this program from what George W. Bush has done.) 

I opposed this program when started by President Bush. I’m less upset about it today. Once something gets started in Washington, it’s hard to make it end.

Dwight Eisenhower often talked about he would like to ditch many programs enacted by the two Democratic Presidents who served in the 20 years before he became President. But Mr. Eisenhower was stuck because these programs had become popular and had constituencies.

Faith-based initiatives are not going to do in our constitution. What they are in many respects is patronage for clergy.

Do you think reverends, priests, and ministers work for free? They need money just like you and I. They need money for programs so they can be little big shots at home. They need money to pay themselves and to put people on a payroll.

Black ministers, white clergy, conservative pastors, liberals—No matter. They will all have their hands out when the federal money is being offered.

Good for them. This blog supports—within bounds of reason—political parties, earmarks, and patronage. Plenty of progressive political bloggers are looking to use their blogs to gain consulting contracts, become power brokers within the Democratic party, and get ads from political candidates.

Why should reverends, priests, and ministers be left off the money train? I also favor money for nuns, and for monks of all faiths.

And if the programs sponsored by these clergy people work?—All the better! I’m sure a few of these programs must be okay. 

Blogger-based initiatives would also be a good idea.

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