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Cincinnati’s Lone Mid-19th Century Black Astrologist

I’ve been reading Frontiers of Freedom: Cincinnati’s Black Community, 1802-1868. This book is by Vassar professor Nikki Taylor.

Guess what? Being black in Cincinnati between 1802 and 1868 meant catching a lot of hell.

At the back of the book is a listing of the various types of employment held by black Cincinnatians in 1850 and 1860. 

For example, there were 136 black barbers, including steamboat barbers, in the Cincinnati of 1850.

There were four black women employed as nurses in Cincinnati in 1860.

Of the approximately 2,800 people listed from 1850 and 1860, there is one “astrologist.”

There was one black man in Cincinnati who in 1850 made his living, or at least hoped to make a living, as an astrologist.

I’ve looked it up and this is the same as an astrologer.

I’ve thought about this man a number of times.

How did he come to this work? Did he set up a shop or did people come to his home? Or maybe he went to other people’s homes and gave his readings.

If he had a shop, did he paint stars and moons on the outside of the building? Did he have a robe or any type of costume? Or was it a bare bones operation?

I’ve wondered if he believed what he was telling people. Did he try to give people some hope? Was he viewed as a seer by others? Or did people feel he was running a racket?

I hope he was a good person. You can’t blame people hoping for a better life looking for answers any way they can find them. I don’t care so much if Cincinnati’s lone mid-19th century black astrologer was sincere, I just hope he was kind.

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Photo Of Providence Hurricane Dam

Above is a picture of the hurricane dam in Providence, Rhode Island. It was built in 1966.

I took this picture in Providence two weeks ago.

Hurricanes flooded Downtown Providence in 1938 and 1954.

A storm surge came up from Narragansett Bay and swamped the city. 

Here is information on the great 1938 New England hurricane.

Here is information about Hurricane Carol in 1954.

Here is a story in the Providence Journal discussing how effective the dam would be if a big hurricane came today. The story tells how the barrier would work in a storm. 

Here is a Journal series on Rhode Island’s overall readiness for a hurricane. 

As a kid, I always enjoyed seeing the hurricane dam. I found viewing the dam recently to be just as fun at 40 as it was when I left Providence in 1980.

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John McClelland For Texas State House District 64

Consistent with my policy to endorse all Democrats who make me a friend on Facebook, I’m endorsing John McClelland for the Texas State House of Representatives.

Mr. McClelland is running in the 64thHouse District. This district is part of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex area. Please click here to see where this district is exactly

Here is a link to the post that explains my Facebook endorsement policy.

While admittedly issues are not always very interesting, here is the link to Mr. McClelland’s comprehensive agenda for his district and for Texas. 

Mr. McClelland seems like the type who would work hard for others. 

Mr. McClelland joins Kevin Murphy in Texas House District 29 and Councilman Peter Brown for Mayor of Houston in 2009 on my Facebook slate.

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