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Crispus Attucks Died For You

Crispus Attucks is one the the five men who died in the Boston Massacre in 1770.

Little is known for certain about Mr. Attucks except that he was a man of color who died on March 5, 1770 in the Boston Massacre.   

His father is thought to have possibly been a slave brought from Africa. His mother may have been a Native American.

While Mr. Attucks was robbed of his full identity and potential in life, we remember him to this day.

He paid the full price for liberty though liberty was denied to him.     

In the direct center of the illustration up top, you see the Old State House building. The picture below is how that building looked last week when I took a picture of it in Boston. The picture was taken from pretty much the spot where the Boston Massacre occurred.

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Because He Made Me A Friend On Facebook, I Endorse Councilmember Peter Brown For Mayor Of Houston In 2009

As I’ve posted before on this blog, I’ll endorse any Democrat running for public office who makes me a friend on Facebook.

I do this out of a general tendency to vote for Democrats, a respect for the logical coherence of straight-ticket voting, a belief in the idea of political parties, and because , as the fact I’m blogging suggests, I want attention.

( As a blogger, I want to put forth my views, seek influence, gain attention, and obtain patronage. It depends on my mood as to which of these things I seek the most. While I think patronage may be hard to get, if  Mr. Brown is elected Mayor I will ask him for a job as Houston’s lighthouse keeper. I need work that won’t get in the way of my blogging.) 

Today I was made a friend on Facebook by Houston City Councilmember Peter Brown. Mr. Brown is running for Mayor of Houston next year. 

While Mr. Brown will likely be running against other Democrats in the first round of voting next year, he’s the candidate I was likely to support in any case.   

Now I’m certain I will support Mr. Brown. Please click here to view Mr. Brown’s campaign web page.   

Mr. Brown joins Texas House District 29 candidate Kevin Murphy on my endorsement list. Mr. Murphy made me a friend some weeks ago. 

I will add each campaign to my blogroll. I’ve created a new ” Campaigns I Support” list at the bottom of my longer blogroll.

Peter Brown & Kevin Murphy! Clearly the best!

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I’m About To Enjoy A Big Fourth Of July Burrito

I got a big burrito waiting for me in the other room.

I’m going to eat that burrito in just a few minutes. 

It’s a big Fourth of July burrito.

I pay my taxes, vote, work hard, know my American history well, and try to be helpful to others.

And if I say, or if you say, that a burrito screams Independence Day, that’s just what it does.

I don’t care about any flag pins, or about any hot dogs and hamburgers or any of that.

Nope. I’ve got a big Fourth of July burrito to eat—one day early—and that is plenty American enough for me.

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