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Blackbird Landing On Swan Boat Did Not Lead Wife & I To Underworld

I was on a Swan Boat today in a Boston park.

The boat has a big swan built on it and behind the swan is a young person paddling the boat for the tourists.

The boat swings around a small pond in the park. Across the middle of the small pond is a replica of London Bridge.

Approaching the bridge replica this afternoon, a blackbird landed on the front of the boat.

I said to my wife that maybe the bird had landed there to direct the young man paddling the boat to steer us to the underworld. I suggested that the underworld may lie on the other side of the London Bridge.

All this is what I felt I could hear the bird whispering to me after it assumed its perch.

The wife is used to hearing me say these things and we had a conversation about what the chances of all this really were. We discussed the pros and cons of my assertion.

As is often the case, the wife was right. We passed under the bridge and were still in the land of the living.

I’m still holding out hope that the ghost of Paul Revere will give us a tour of Boston. I think John Adams mentioned something about this in my dream last night. 

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Lefty Blogs Texas Banned In Boston

I’m staying this week at a Doubletree Suites hotel in the Boston area.

On the computer at the hotel business center—no laptop for this blogger—I’ve pulled up the Lefty Blogs/Texas site a couple of times.

Lefty Blogs is a feed of progressive Texas bloggers.

Both times I’ve pulled it up, a box has popped up saying the site is blocked because it may contain content harmful to “young guests.”

I’ve always said that Texas progressive blogs are—“Smut! Pure smut!”

Seems I was right.

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I’ll Vote For Obama If He Pays Off My Hotel Bill

I read today about Hillary Clinton asking Barack Obama to help pay off her campaign debt.

One article I read said Senator Clinton would not be able to campaign fully for Senator Obama if she had to raise money on her own to pay off the debt.

I think Senator Clinton is on to something here. I’m staying at a hotel in suburban Boston this week. I’ll vote for Senator Obama if he pays off my hotel bill.

If he refuses to pay?

Well—Then I just might be very busy on Election Day and not be able to make it to the polls.

Why should I pay pay my own bills if I can bully someone else to do so?

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