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Boston Museum Of Fine Arts Allows Lowlife Blogger To View Great Works

When did it all start to go wrong?

When the first words were put on paper, and the secret rites and acts of Pharohs and kings were no longer guarded over by powerful priests?

When the Catholic mass was no longer required to be delivered in Latin?

When the franchise was expanded beyond noble lords and long-established and well-propertied families?

Was it Andrew Jackson and the rise of American democracy?

Public education? Libraries? Paperback books? 

It seems that democratic norms and the pretensions of the lowest orders have breeched the barriers of tolerance when people like me are allowed into the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to view the works of the great masters. 

Any yahoo with $16 can get in.

You say not everybody has $16 to spare to look at art?

Just how far would you have us fall.

My inner-Federalist has been stirred by being in Boston. 

I’m just the type our more discerning founders were afraid of.   

A blogger is the most vile creature of them all. He or she presumes no barrier but ownership of a computer to sharing even the most obnoxious views with the entire world. 

I’ve had one glass of wine tonight. A few more and I’d confess that this liberal might even be a loyalist at heart.

I’d be in safe in saying so because a defining characteristic of the lower orders is fickleness of mind and view.  

The likes of me can change their minds as often as they wish

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