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Joe Kennedy Forgets Me—Paul Revere Still Dead

A brief break from my Summer Solstice blogging break—

I took the tour of the Massachusetts State House this afternoon. As I left the building I walked past former Congressman Joe Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy is a son of Robert Kennedy.

I attended a fundraiser for Mr. Kennedy at the Kennedy Compound in 1992. Joe was all smiles when I was writing him a check.

But today? Hell—He walked by like he did not recall who I was.

We did make eye contact though. Mr. Kennedy had an expression on his face like I saw on Gene Simmons of Kiss at the Cincinnati airport last year. I looked at Mr. Simmons and he looked back at me like someone who was used to being recognized but wanted to be left alone.    

I left both Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Simmons alone.

I also saw the graves of Paul Revere and Samuel Adams today. I was hoping at least one of them would rise from the grave and lead me on a ghostly tour of Boston.

No such luck though.  

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