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Democratic Houston Councilmembers Jones & Lovell Fight Instead Of Working For City

Houston Democratic City Councilmembers Jolanda Jones and Sue Lovell have been at odds of late.

At the Texas State Democratic Convention last week, Ms. Jones supported a candidate running on opposition to Ms. Lovell for a seat on the Democratic National Committee.

Ms. Lovell won this fight.

In the past, Ms. Lovell had donated to Ms. Jones’ campaign.

Why the break?

Who cares?

Imagine if instead of fighting, Ms. Jones and Ms. Lovell offered joint policy initiatives.

Imagine if the Democratic majority on Houston City Council held a weekly or bi-weekly caucus, and offered the public some type of an agenda.

Imagine if the Council majority had already held a press conference offering assistance to the Harris County Democratic coordinated campaign as Democrats try to win county office this year.

In all this, I may be asking for levels of competence and commitment that are simply not present.

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  1. We are like one big family sometimes; we disagree at the dinner table but when it gets time to till the field we are all behind the plow. Thank goodness, a campaign contribution does not buy someone’s vote. If it had, I am sure you would have written about that.

    Comment by Dot Nelson Turnier | June 12, 2008

  2. I like your comment—But when are we going to see a Democratic majority on Houston City Council that works as a team? It seems very possible that some personal anger was at work here. Or an ongoing fight about the now resolved Clinton-Obama race.

    It feels like so much more could be done by our council folks.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | June 12, 2008

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