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Indiana Dunes Are Excellent To Visit—Go With Others Or By Yourself

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The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is a wonderful place to go.

This park, on Lake Michigan, is not far from Chicago.

Go there this summer, or maybe even in the winter, with people you love.

Or at least can tolerate.

Or go by yourself and enjoy the peace.

It is often good to go places by yourself. Being by yourself helps you collect your thoughts and helps you have new thoughts.

Above is a picture of the area in winter taken by the Chicago Daily News in 1911.

Below is a more recent summer picture. The photo does not do full justice to how nice it is to look at the water.

Here is information on Lake Michigan from the State of Wisconsin.

Here is information about the Great Lakes taken as a whole from the American and Canadian governments.

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A Poem Called Knowledge That Stands In Calm Opposition To The Tone Of Our Society

Here is a poem I like called Knowledge by Louise Bogan. ( 1897-1970) I think this poem helps show how to live a life useful to others and manageable for one’s self. —-

Now that I know

How passion warms little

Of flesh in the mould,

And treasure is brittle,-

I’ll lie here and learn

How, over their ground

Trees make a long shadow

And a light sound. 

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