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Neither Party Asks Anything Of The American People

We’ve heard for a long time about the refusal of Republicans to ask Americans to sacrifice anything for the Iraq War.

It is clear that it only soldiers and their families—plus the contractors who die “off the books“— are being asked to offer anything to our “war effort.”

On the other side however, we could ask when will Democrats ask Americans to conserve energy and scale back in this time of rising fuel prices?

We are living unsustainable lifestyles. Other nations are having big problems with food prices because of our demand for ethanol.

The simple argument would be that the parties are afraid to risk votes by asking anything of the people.

I wonder if our leaders don’t care what people are doing because they don’t see any viable middle class future for our nation. Let the people do as they want as power and wealth gravitates to the few.

The refusal of either party to ask anything for any sacrifice is as large an insult as can be imagined. It conveys that the people have nothing of value to offer except reflexive patriotism and tax dollars.

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Does Any Law Of Physics Prevent Bicylists From Stopping At Stop Signs?


Does any law or principle of physics inhibit bicyclists from stopping at stop signs? 

I am not a physicist.

Yet it is unlikely to me that any law of physics prevents bicyclists from observing stop signs.

If I can stop my car at the stop sign, I’m near certain that a bicycle could be stopped as well. 

Above you see a stop sign from Thailand.

Could it be that many stop signs in America are printed in languages bicyclists do not understand?   

Well, all I can speak for is the stop signs I see and I’ve never seen them in anything but English.

I’ll gladly pay more taxes for more bike trails.

This would keep these law breaking cyclists away from me.   

Below is a picture of a duck with a bike in the background.


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