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Boston Consulting Group Says A Tsunami Might Be Good For You

I recently came across a book called Globality—Competing with Everyone From Everywhere For Everything.

The book is about, as you might guess, the global economy.

The three authors are from something called the Boston Consulting Group. 

Contract with these people and they will help compete all the time, everywhere, and against everybody.

Isn’t that just the life you want to live?

In the dust jacket of this book you read the following—

“Globality is a business and economic force that, like a giant tsunami,, is rapidly crashing over world markets–for better or worse—and is intensifying with incredible power and speed.”

These authors say this tsunami is coming “for better or worse.”

Who exactly does a tsunami help? Funeral home operators? People competing against others who are dead or crippled after the tsunami?  

If you go to the Boston Consulting Group’s webpage, you see that it is a top company for working mothers. 

It’s flex-time if you work for BCG, and a tsunami for others.

Below you see a picture of people who survived a tsunami. Maybe the deal is that simple survival will make you a winner.

For many, just getting by will be all that is left.


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  1. Hi Neil,
    Just wanted to thank you for including my Bay of Fundy blog in your blog roll. wow, that’s quite an honor to be popped up there with Hillary, Houston and Lefty Blogs (oh, I thought you meant blogs for left-handed people!). I thought you might be interested to know that, outside of the neighboring states to Fundy (Maine, Mass), the most US readers of my blog originate in Texas..very interesting, I thought. Do you suppose there is something about Texans that pre-disposing them to be interested in the world’s biggest tide bay?

    Comment by Terri McC | June 6, 2008

  2. “For better or worse” is one of those phrases that people throw around without giving any thought to it. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it applied to a tsunami before, though. You’d think a consulting group would be a little more careful than that.

    Comment by Big Tex | June 6, 2008

  3. there is no doubt that a devastating natural disaster that would take lets say 100 million lives or 500 million lives would help relieve the supply and demand problems and the over populating of the planet. now if you took 100 million smartest people that would leave me and a couple of other billion idiot wondering around wondering what to do next.

    Comment by bill brady | July 1, 2008

  4. I replied to Terri through other channels.

    Big Tex—One wonders who they dump on with the advice they provide. Maybe they choose just the words they mean.

    Bill—Hopefully it won’t all come to that.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | July 2, 2008

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