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I’m Drinking Soothing Tea And Reflecting On My Love For Senator Clinton

I’m going to drink some soothing tea today and find my way to loving everybody on the left and center-left side of the aisle for the election ahead.

Not any kind of narcotic tea. Just some nice soothing tea.

See my tea kettle below? It is brewing up the tea.

My love includes Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

Yesterday I wrote I was opposed to Senator Clinton being selected as the running mate.

But you know–when I sit here and reflect on the miracle of a person of color standing so close to winning the White House, I find I have no animosity.  

I’m for whatever the program is that wins the election.

This is the only path. It’s the course that forces on everyone, the discipline and humanity needed to win the election and make our nation better. 

Even the most violent volcano subsides in time.

Look at the picture below of Vesuvius and Naples today.

See the harmony and excellence you get once the tumult is over.

I once had the chance to visit Naples. My family came from Naples 100 years ago, so being in Naples was like a visit to the homeland.

Finding reconcilation and love is our homeland in this election.  

Below you see a picture of some tea leaves.

I’m reading these leaves and seeing a much better day ahead.

Let’s start now to make these better days.


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Colbert Nation Links To Texas Liberal Post About Animals Voting

Texas Liberal has been linked to by the Colbert Nation blog.

They linked to my post about if animals could vote. Click where it says “If Animals Could Vote” on the Colbert Nation link above.

They don’t mention the name of the blog, but I’ll take what I can get.

In Mr. Colbert’s discussion about the end of the primaries on his show last night, he says Democrats even had a primary where animals could vote.

It seems they may have gotten that line from my blog.

When will I figure out a way to make a buck from all this! 

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Time To Move Ahead

Time to move ahead.

It’s a miracle that America will nominate a black man for President of the United States.

I’m thankful I’m here to see this day.

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