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Senator Clinton’s VP Talk Seems Misguided

Please click here to see my updated thinking on this issue.

I said many months ago that if Hillary Clinton were the nominee of the Democratic Party, I would vote for her.

I said I would even though the Clintons are somewhat centrist for my views, and even though I still resent the loss of Congress in 1994.

Just what could these people do to make up for the damage of 12 years of Republican control of Congress?

And it’s all still true—I’m still not a fan of Hillary Clinton, and I would still vote for her if she were the nominee.  

The bottom line is winning the election.

Now that it seems very likely she has lost the nomination fight, Senator Clinton is saying she would accept the Vice Presidential nomination.

You know what—I’ll accept it as well if offered.

The thing is the nominee makes this call.

Supporters of Senator Clinton are good people and I have no fight with them. The time is long overdue for a woman President. I’m sorry that many good people are so disappointed in the outcome of this race.

However, I’ve found comments by Senator Clinton about hard working white Americans and about Robert Kennedy’s killing somewhat difficult to accept.

If Senator Obama picks Senator Clinton, I will be on board. I hope though he chooses another path.  

Below is former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller of New York. ( The link to the U.S. Senate essay series on Vice Presidents is very good.)  Mr. Rockefeller was the last New Yorker to serve as Vice President. His term in office was 1974-1977.


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  1. Obama cannot allow Clinton to be VP.

    The reason is simple, those who want to place Clinton in the White House would have Obama killed.

    It would be suicide for Obama to accept Clinton as VP.

    Comment by batguano101 | June 3, 2008

  2. Your view of Senator Clinton is somewhat more harsh than mine.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | June 3, 2008

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