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The Continental Divide In Our Lives

I’ve heard the term Continental Divide many times, but I never know what it was until I looked it up recently in The Penguin Dictionary of Geography.

Here is what the continental divide is—

The main waterparting in a continent, e.g. in North America, where the streams flow on one side of the divide to the Pacific and on the other side to the Atlantic. 

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As the map above shows, there is more than one continental divide in North America.

Some water goes to the Atlantic, some to the Pacific, some to the Arctic Ocean, some to the St. Lawrence River and some to the Gulf of Mexico. ( And from the St. Lawrence and the Gulf to the Atlantic.)

I think that in one or more ways we all have the equivalent of a continental divide in our lives.

For example, we may have very set ways of thinking about certain issues or situations, as fixed in our minds as any geographic feature on the Earth. 

Just as water that falls on one side or the other of the divide is certain to flow in a specific direction, there are issues or circumstances we are only able to consider and respond to in a rigidly set and pre-determined way. 

Our minds are made up. Or we lack the mental flexability to respond in a different or unique way.     

There could be a divide we feel exists between ourselves and other individuals or maybe even whole groups of people.   

There is left brain and right brain thinking. This is an internal divide people have in varying degrees. I’m more right brain.

Maybe we often have the feeling that something we are trying to accomplish is certain to succeed or to fail. No matter what we do, our efforts will end up in a certain place. 

The good news is that with some thought and imagination, we can get past most internal, and at least some external, divides. 

While the outside world matters a great deal, our lives, thoughts and beliefs are not set in stone.


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