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A Strain Of Nihilism In My Belief In Democracy

In Revolutionary Characters–What Made The Founders Different, author Gordon Wood says the following about Thomas Jefferson—

Jefferson’s faith in the natural sociability of people…lay behind his belief in minimal government….Jefferson would have fully understood the Western world’s recent interest in devolution and localist democracy….For Jefferson, there could be no power independent of the people, in whom he had absolute faith.

I find myself tending more in a belief in democracy for its own sake. People must have a say in how they are governed. I don’t know to what extent the root of my belief in democracy is faith in the people. I don’t find I need that faith to believe in democracy.   

There is a strain of nihilism my view. The people must govern whatever the outcome. Safeguards must exist for the protection of minority groups in society. But in the end, if a society as a whole pursues policies that lead the end of that society, so be it.

People are born to be free. What they do what that freedom is another question.

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  1. voters need to be more proactive than reactive, non voters can shut the fuck up they dont count. for many years i bitched and never voted. Neil changed my mind on that so now i can bitch all i want. bush has fucked the world and he could care less. I hope there is a god because he/she will send him right to hell. I will be there waiting.

    Comment by bill brady | May 29, 2008

  2. If there is a Hell, you won’t be there.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 29, 2008

  3. I agree with you about democracy, and I can’t say that I entirely agree with Jefferson’s faith in people. Any system of government that localizes too much power in one person or group of people, no matter how large that group is, is bound to have problems with abuse of that power. The ancient Athenians, who may have had one of the most purely democratic governments ever devised, proved this when they put Socrates to death. Democracy works best when the will of the majority is limited by laws guaranteeing the rights of those in the minority.

    Comment by Big Tex | May 29, 2008

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