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Though Only 3% Of Water Is Fresh Water, We Can Still Make A Go Of It

This afternoon I came across the fact that only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water.

I’ve seen that number before, but forgotten about it. 

It’s amazing that so many people and so much life is sustained by 3% of all water.

Sometimes, I feel that only a small percentage of my time is really useful to me and to others.

I know it is important that we sleep, go to work and go grocery shopping, but those things are not really what I want to be doing with so much of my time.

This is so even though sleeping, working and grocery shopping are not always that bad. And I am sometimes of use to others at work. ( At least I hope I am.)

And no matter what else, I know how lucky I am to have time with my wife, time with friends and family, and time to read, think, and work on my blog.

Still, I get frustrated once in a while that life is not fully what I wish it was.

Yet if six billion people can live off of just 3% of the world’s water, I suppose I can make a good go of things with the limited resources of time I have in my control.    

Here is the link to the UNESCO fresh water resource page. Water, like time, has great value.

The photo above is of Lake Laddjujaure in Sweden.

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I Find Popular Obama Posters To Be Creepy


I’m all for Barack Obama, but I find these Obama posters I’ve seen in a number places to be creepy and propaganda-ish.

Propaganda-ish in the sense of making me feel I live in a dictatorship or some sort of George Orwell state.

Maybe it’s just me on the liberal side of the aisle—But these posters give a sense of why some have called Obama supporters cultish. 

Here is the story behind the posters.

 Images Obama  

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Wife Okays My Purchase Of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

My wife and I were in Target today.

We walked past the DVD aisle and I saw that Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle was on sale for $7.99.

I told the wife I wanted the movie.

Last week I told that wife that I had a dream that I watched Harold & Kumar.

It’s true. I had just such a dream.

I showed the wife the movie. She just looked at me. She noticed it was the “Extreme Unrated” version.

I said that was the only one they had for sale. I think it’s the only one they make.

The wife shook her head and told me to buy the movie if I wanted it.

I do not need to run every purchase by the wife, but I was uncertain that she wanted $8 of our money spent on Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

The wife is a great wife. She’s the best person in the world.

Here is a review of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.   

I notice that it is from the director of “Dude, Where’s My Car?”

That was a helluva movie. I just hope that Harold & Kumar is half as good.  

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