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Democratic National Committee Leaves Black Bloggers Off Convention List

There’s been discussion in the relatively narrow world of political blogging, about the absence of Black-run blogs from the Democratic National Committee’s list of accredited blogs for the Democratic convention in Denver.

One blog was selected from each state. In most cases, though not all, selected blogs were those with high traffic, a specific focus on state and local political issues, and an established Democratic Party partisanship.  

This left a pool of mostly white bloggers. 

Yet many Democratic voters are Black.

As are many bloggers—And this includes many with strong traffic.

Burnt Orange Report will be the Texas blog in Denver. All right—They’ll do a good job I’m sure.

Here is the full Denver blogger list.

Houston’s There…Already wrote about this issue in a recent post.   

The Francis L. Holland Blog is leading the way in posting abut this concern.  ( I’ve got Francis on my blogroll. I think he needs to integrate his blogroll and give me a listing.)

The Dallas Morning News wrote an article on the subject. 

The blog Dallas South discussed the topic.

Celtic Diva’s Blue Oasis posted from the perspective of being one of the selected blogs. This woman is a good person seemingly doing her best.

For my part, if I were selected for credentials by a major political party, I’d feel that I had lost my way. 

When I started blogging, it never occurred to me that blogs had “official” relationships with the parties. I suppose that’s because I never read any blogs before I started one. I figured blogging was an organic inclusive process. ( You can see I gave it little thought.)  

If someone slipped up and gave me credentials to the convention, I’d blog about how Black folks and many other folks in cities vote Democratic every election, and still our cities get worse. I’d ask why urban policy does not seem to exist as an issue for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Then I’d ask why neither Senator Obama or Senator Clinton has made the world food price crisis an issue. I’m sorry it costs $4 a gallon to fill up your SUV, but many people in the world can’t afford a bowl of rice. I support the party of the left because I feel that all people matter no matter where they live.  

But that’s just me.

At the same time, I’d advocate for the nominee of the Democratic Party in my posts.

That’s the trap. I’m not going to be voting for a Republican. 

To get the illusion of being listened to, it seems I need to be a working-class white voter in Pennsylvania who can’t fully face the idea of a Black president.  

I’m white and I work, so I guess I’m half way there.

The majority opinon I’ve read explaining the absence of Black bloggers from the convention list is a flawed process and/or some level of neglect.

That’s worse than purposeful exclusion. It speaks to an ingrained pattern of taking people for granted. Inclusion is a habit.

The good thing is that it’s a habit that can be picked up at any point.

Here’s hoping the Democratic National Committee gets with the program. It was a given that the selection criteria used was not going to pick a list of bloggers representative of the many different people who vote for Democrats.   

( This is cross-posted at the Houston Chronicle where I’m one of eight featured political reader-bloggers.)  

( Please click here for my Martin Luther King Reading & Reference list. It is first-rate.

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  1. How in the hell would anyone know who is what color?

    Damn it. There better be some damn Latino and Latina blogs or I am going to get pissed.

    It is bad enough that Texas is being represented by a bunch of t-sips.

    Comment by John Cobarruvias | May 23, 2008

  2. They could ask. That’s how they’d know.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 23, 2008

  3. They didnt have it on the application.

    Im glad they didnt. Its not an issue. You either blog or you dont. No one cares if you blog while black, or blog while Hispanic.

    Who really cares? I mean are people reading this post wondering if you are white?

    Comment by john cobarruvias | May 23, 2008

  4. Okay John.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 23, 2008

  5. Neil, thanks for the link and this post. Good analysis as usual.

    @John – It is an issue if you want to win elections. The point is that at best the DNC didn’t bother to put any serious thought into what the results of their process would produce (an all White slate of State Bloggers), at worst, they DID realize what the results would be and went with it anyway. Neither is acceptable if you’re trying to turn out the most 20% of your base to the polls in November.

    This issue can be resolved, easily, and most likely will be. We’ll see. In the meantime, it’s up to us bloggers to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen in the future. Linking to each other is a big part of that process.

    Comment by DP | May 24, 2008

  6. I didn’t read blogs a lot, until I started one either. I read them occasionally; mostly by accident when I was researching something, and the link I clicked happen to be a blog. I certainly was not aware of the politics of the blog world, the different alignments and the some of the major groups, as I am now.

    I too am surprised, but not that there are blogs with official relationships of the DNC. To me that says they’re co-opted by the DNC.

    If I were picked, I would not feel for a second that I had lost my way; because I know where I am going and what I am doing; so therefore I’d probably assume they just didn’t dig deep into my blog or something, or they have their own agenda (which is fine, we all have an agenda) for why they picked me.

    The thing about this DNC floor issue, it’s not about my blog being credentialed for the floor, it’s about apparently no Black blogs being credentialed for the floor. All Black blogs are not like mine, so I feel so what if mine didn’t make it; but how do not one on of the thousands of socio-political Black blogs not get allowed to be on the floor (not that one would be sufficient, while there are approximately 53 white blogs on the floor)

    Comment by Yobachi | May 24, 2008

  7. DP & Yobachi—Thanks for these comments. Nothing I can add to your points. To me it’s just all about including the people you count on and–hopefully–value. It’s really not so hard.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | May 25, 2008

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