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Here are some Texas notes political and otherwise—

The website of the Harris County Democratic Party still leads off with the good news of the announcement of Bill Kelly as chair of the countywide coordinated campaign. I’m certain he’ll help lead Democrats to victory this fall.

It will be good when some news of events is posted to go along with the $500 a plate breakfast promoted under Mr. Kelly’s appointment. I hope Mr. Kelly gears campaign efforts to as much inclusion as possible.   

The new chair of the Travis County coordinated campaign stated right off the bat  with the goal of registering 50,000 new voters. It will be good to see the goals established by Mr. Kelly.

Two polls now show Texas Democratic Senate candidate Rick Noriega well with in range of incumbent Republican John Cornyn. I feel this is about party preference right now more so than any real insight into Mr. Noriega or Mr. Cornyn.  Many Texans are ready to move on from the Republican Party.

The difference between the forward-looking Mr. Noriega and the deeply right-wing Mr. Cornyn should help sell the change in party identification with Texas voters. Learn more about Mr. Noriega by clicking here.

The Galveston Beach Patrol treated over 100 jellyfish stings last Sunday. I find nature good to read about and watch on TV. I’m scared of it in person. I don’t go in the water at any beach I visit. The water is full of creatures. 

Flooding the area with vinegar where you’ve been stung and being careful in removing the tentacles is important in treating these wounds. Click the link below for more.

Here is some good information about jellyfish from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

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Victimized People Possess No Inherent Nobility

The Financial Times reports that some South Africans are brutalizing and running off immigrants from troubled Zimbabwe.

From the story (Here is the full article)— 

Isaac Moyo fled to South Africa from his impoverished and repressive homeland Zimbabwe six years ago. He has carved out a new life as a painter in the Johannesburg township of Alexandra, enabling him, like many other Zimbabwean exiles in South Africa, to send home much-needed money to keep his family going.

But on Monday night his new, more hopeful, life came to an abrupt end when a mob of machete-wielding South Africans yelling xenophobic slogans smashed down the door of his shack and forced him and his three brothers to run for their lives. Clutching a small mirror and a bucket of old clothes, all he could grab with him as he fled, he is now camping at the local police station and planning to return to an uncertain future in Zimbabwe

“We were preparing food [on Monday evening]. Then we started hearing guns and shouts of people celebrating they’d been chasing foreigners back to Zimbabwe,” he said. “They came to our house. They took everything, our bicycles, sewing machines, blankets, saying: ‘You didn’t get this from [President Robert] Mugabe. This is our property.

“They were shouting: ‘Go back to Zimbabwe. We don’t want to see you here. You’re taking our jobs’

I read this while eating lunch today. I just shook my head. You’d figure longtime victims of Apartheid would know better than to harass and attack people.

But the truth of the matter is that down-and-out people and victimized people possess no inherent nobility. 

We saw this in economically messed-up West Virginia this week where many Democratic primary voters openly cited race as a factor in their votes.

Everybody counts in this world. Yet this does not mean we have to romanticize people or patronize people with the idea that suffering brings some sort of wisdom or dignity.

I think sometimes liberals are guilty of this. 

People of all kinds are good and people of all kinds are lousy.

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