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Clear Communication In A Complex World Is Excellent

I recently listened to a song called Mamavtu by a singer named Susheela Raman that has the following lyrics— 


you who reside in the temple of Kamakoti

rescue me

bearing lotus and veena

in your beautiful hands

you give truth to speech

your feet are worshipped by Emperors and kings

your eyes are as wild as Rajiva flowers

and your beauty bewitches.

Garlanded with gems

you fulfill the desires of the good

Indra himself bows down before you

I, Vasudeva, am your servant

for you are the divine word in its essence. 

I like these lyrics for two reasons.

The first reason is that they are clear and direct.

The ability to communicate in a clear and direct fashion in a complex world is excellent.  

Communicating in such a way is something we all have the ability to do with the application of some discipline and thought.

The most complex, simple and important things are always within the grasp of all people.

Direct communication is a complex, simple and important thing. 

Complexity and simplicity are kindred.

How can we grasp difficult things if they are not communicated in a way we can understand?

This is a task of someone trying to reach others—The communication of difficult ideas in an accessible manner. 

The other thing I liked about the song was that though the lyrics are straightforward, I had to do some research to see what they meant. 

Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of music, knowledge and the arts. That is her pictured above.

A veena is the instrument she is holding.

Indra is the king of the Gods. Yet even he bows down before Saraswati.

Direct, simple and complex communication leads people down a path of learning and understanding.

This is the path we need to be following.  

It’s a path open to all. 

Things open to all are the things that are best. 

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