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Hazy Picture of Mumbai


A few days ago I ran a post with a hazy picture I had taken of the Mississippi River from an airplane.

Not long after, I saw that my friend Nita at A Wide Angle View Of India had run a photo essay of hazy photos of Mumbai she had taken from an airplane.

Nita was nice enough to allow me use one of her pictures.

My picture was hazy because it was a hazy day.

Nita said that her pictures were hazy because the windows of the airplane were dirty.

The picture is of slums in Mumbai. This is what Nita reports in her excellent post. 

Mumbai is the former Bombay.  

Here is a history of that city along with much other information about Mumbai. 

Isn’t it something that we can fly up in the air and that we can communicate over distances such as India to Texas?

Isn’t is it excellent that we have the ability to communicate at all? It’s a gift we all have in this life. 

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