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Hazy Picture Of Mississippi River & Hazy Images Of A Different Time And Place

I took this picture of the Mississippi River last week from the window of an airplane.

The picture came out hazy.

Looking at the Mississppi River got me thinking about the Mark Twain biography I’m currently reading.

While Twain’s riverboat days were only a small portion of his life, I find them interesting. 

I think part of that comes from my years living in Cincinnati along the shores of the Ohio River.

I’ve wondered what it must have been like when Cincinnati was a river town.

I’ve thought I might have been able to function in a frontier society that placed a value on self-creation. ( At least if you were white.)

When I read about Twain’s time on the river, I get an ill-defined longing for a different place and a different time. 

It’s a hazy notion that well compliments this hazy photo. 

I think we all have half-formed ideas in our minds of places we would like to visit and times we wish we could go back and see.

It’s a good thing we have books and imaginations that can partially take us to places we wish we could visit or recreate.   

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I Have High Regard For Clinton Voters & I’m Ready For Whatever Is The Next Step

With two more primaries completed, I want to restate my view that I’ll support the nominee of the Democratic Party.

People who have voted for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama are good people.  

I also support moving on to the next step—Whatever that next step may be.

If it is a battle to the convention, that is fine.

I’m not afraid of democracy and of people voting.

I also feel though that if Hillary Clinton is unable to win a majority of delegates, she may then wish to consider quitting the race.

Senator Clinton and Barack Obama should hold a joint press conference and pledge support for the ultimate nominee. This is the bottom line.    

I’m for Barack Obama for President.

I feel the gas tax issue is an example of why Senator Obama is the better candidate.

Senator Clinton has exploited people’s legitimate fear over the price of gas instead of offering an honest discussion of the issue. 

Senator Obama has told the more difficult truth on the gas tax.  

Still, she is much better than John McCain.

Again—I have regard for all Democratic primary voters, I am ready for whatever the process brings, and I support the candidate who I believe will be the next President—Barack Obama.

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