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Poem–Library Of Congress

Here is a short poem I wrote after visiting the Library of Congress a few years back—

In the main reading room

Of the Library of Congress

Tourists gawk

At the magnificent architecture

And at the odd sight

Of people reading books.

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Thanks & Links To Five Strong Blogs—All Blogs That Post Regularly Are Created Equal

I want to thank five good blogs that have recently added me to their blogrolls. 

PoliSci@UST is the blog of the political science department of the University of St. Thomas in Houston. It is a bipartisan blog. I think they added me because I’m a political science graduate of a Jesuit university ( Xavier U. in Cincinnati) and they wanted to give me a plug. (Though they had no way of knowing this until I wrote it here.)

Queer In The Cincy is a fine blog about being gay in Cincinnati and living in Cincinnati. Let it be known I was a Stonewall Cincinnati endorsed candidate for the Cincinnati Board of Education in 1997. 

 The Old Eighteen is a good new liberal blog in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. I found this blog after its owner was nice enough to leave a comment at my shop. I look forward to getting to know The Old Eighteen better and I hope it gets a lot of traffic.

Two blogs I’ve mentioned recently, but want to mention again are There…Already and Dallas South. There…Already is a fellow Houston-based blog and you might be able to guess where Dallas South is located.

If you link to Texas Liberal, Texas Liberal will link to you. All blogs that post regularly are created equal.

I used the picture above a few month ago. Yet I enjoy it so much I must use it again.

The cave people are not hunting that creature. Rather, it is the creature’s birthday and the cave people have planned a surprise party. 

The creature is a Glyptodon

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