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Harris County Democrats Beginning Strong Coordinated Campaign

There is hope in Harris County, Texas that Democrats will defeat Republicans in county races this November.

A step was taken in this direction by the appointment of Bill Kelly as General Campaign Manager for the countywide Democratic coordinated campaign.

Here is some information about Mr. Kelly from the party web page 

BILL KELLY has been named General Campaign Manager for the Harris County Democratic Party 2008 Coordinated Campaign. Bill’s campaign experience includes his having served as Campaign Manger for State Representative Ellen Cohen’s successful campaign for Texas Legislature in 2006, resulting in the unseating of the Republican incumbent in a district which had voted heavily for Republican candidates in the past, Campaign Manager for Council Member Peter Brown’s successful citywide campaign for city council at large position 1 in 2005, Field Director for State Representative Hubert Vo’s historic and victorious campaign for the Texas Legislature against an entrenched Republican incumbent House committee chair in 2004, and Deputy Field Director for Houston Mayor Bill White’s campaign for mayor of the City of Houston in 2003.

I notice that under news of Mr. Kelly’s appointment is information about a $500 a person Democratic breakfast designed in part to help fund the coordinated campaign. I guess these things are part of the political reality. 

Still, I’ll be looking forward to a people’s kick-off event that all can attend to promote the Democratic campaign in 2008.

I wonder if a direct e-mail might be set up to reach Mr. Kelly so he can have unfiltered contact with precinct execs., activists and others who might have ideas and thoughts on the campaign?

I could say right off that I had looked for some presence of Democratic candidates at the International Fest Downtown when I went the weekend before last. Just a few people waiving signs at the entrances would have been a cheap way to create some initial name recognition for the slate in front of a large and diverse crowd.

Maybe this was done and I missed it. But it is nothing I saw in the three hours I was there. 

Also, Mr. Kelly might consider an e-mail list of activists and others where he could offer a theme of the day, or a theme of the week, for people to talk about and blog about. I know I’d be open to that as we move ahead.

In any case, it is good that Mr. Kelly is on board. I’m sure he will be running a solid shop. He can take my advice as worth what he has paid for it.

( This is cross-posted at my space at the Houston Chronicle. I’m one of eight featured political bloggers at the Chronicle.)     

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Three States Of Being Last Thursday

Last Thursday I took a plane trip from Houston to Cincinnati. I live in Houston. I lived in Cincinnati for 18 years.

When I woke up Thursday, I was with my wife and at home. I was in my most familiar surroundings. I could come and go as I pleased.  

On the airplane, I was with strangers and I literally had no idea where I was at any given moment. When I looked out the window, what I saw for the most part was clouds. I was trapped on the plane until it landed.

In Cincinnati, I was not at home. But I was somewhere I knew well. I was with friends and family, but also a guest rather than a resident. I was welcome, but I still had to go by other people’s rules. 

Being in Cincinnati was in-between waking up at home and flying on an airplane.

You could say I had three states of being last Thursday.  

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