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People’s Differing Circumstances Merit Equal Respect & A Full Hearing

In my trips back home to Cincinnati, which is where I’m writing this post from tonight, I’m lucky to have many friends I visit.

These are people who in many cases I’ve known for 20 years or longer.

My friends and I talk about how things are going and we discuss people we know.

Some are doing well, while others might be having a rough time for the moment.

I spoke with a friend today for the first time since he had gotten married.

I found out that someone I met a very long time ago had sold the business she had run for the last six years.

I spoke to the 82 year old aunt of a friend. The aunt now has Alzheimers.  She was sharp when I spoke with her often 15 years ago.

When you talk to these people and you hear the stories, you trust that people have responded to life as best they can, and you respect whatever circumstances, for good or ill, they now find themselves in.

You see that people’s circumstances in life all have meaning and merit equal respect and a full hearing.

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