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Man Orders “Fish Nibblers” At White Castle At 2 AM

I was in the White Castle drive-Up line at 2 AM this morning and I heard a man in a car behind me order the “fish nibblers.”

This was at the Central Parkway White Castle in Cincinnati. 

I thought to myself–” Does that cat really need to be ordering fish nibblers at 2 AM?”

This link suggests fish nibblers are not good for you.

There were 7 cars in line at 2 AM.

I was in one of those cars. I ordered a cup of decaf coffee. 

There was a lot of action at the Central Parkway White Castle at 2 AM. 

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  1. Based my admittedly limited experience with White Castle, I would suggest that there’s very little on the menu at White Castle that is good for you. Of course, at the last White Castle I went to, which was in East St. Louis, just being in the drive-up line at 2 am really isn’t good for you, unless you’re bulletproof…

    Comment by Big Tex | April 27, 2008

  2. bigtex central parkway in cincinnati is no more safe than st. louis. as far as fish nibblers they sound sick ass

    Comment by bill brady | April 27, 2008

  3. Big Tex—The decaf coffee is not so bad for you. Maybe. I would visit the White Castle if life took me to E St. Louis though I would go during the day.

    Bill—Central Parkway is a garden spot.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 27, 2008

  4. Yeah, I would definitely suggest doing anything in East St. Louis during the day. That place is like Fallujah, but with more fast food joints and liquor stores.

    As far as White Castle, that time in East St. Louis was the only time I’ve eaten their food, but I remember liking it. Of course, I was so drunk at the time that I could have eaten a styrofoam cup and not noticed the difference. I just remember being able to buy a bag full of tiny hamburgers for very little money. They didn’t stay down long, but I did enjoy eating them.

    Comment by Big Tex | April 28, 2008

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