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Review Of Continental Express Flight 5627—Houston To Cincinnati

Here is a review of Continental Express flight 5627 which left Houston April 24, at 10:10 AM and arrived in Cincinnati at 1:45 PM.

It also landed on April 24. It was not a 27 hour flight.

The ticket cost $561.50. Can you imagine all that money to get to Cincinnati?

Above you see a picture of flight # 5627. Needless to say, all the passengers were surprised to be boarding such a plane. 

The flight started well because boarding required walking outside and walking up a staircase-on-wheels. I always find this exciting. I pretend I am Charles De Gaulle boarding a plane to Algeria.

I mentioned feeling like General De Gaulle to the flight attendant. By her response, I did not get the impression she shared my excitement.

Once on board, the glamour was gone. 

The plane smelled. I can’t quite classify the smell beyond being slightly yucky. The plane smelled from take off to landing.

Also, my seat was filled with crumbs.

I followed the trail of crumbs down to the floor. There I found my own feet. It must be what an out-of-body experience is like.

I was lucky in that nobody sat next to me. I often wish to be left alone.

I guess the thumb tacks I put on the seat next to me sent a clear message. 

A ”light snack” was served. This snack consisted of a turkey sandwich, a bag of potato chips and a tiny little Milky Way bar.

I felt the sandwich had been at least recently refrigerated. If I don’t start throwing up within the next 36 hours, we can say it was okay.

The fold out tray for my seat had a red substance on it. Sitting alone, I was able to use the tray from the next seat over. It had no blood-like substance on it.

Below the plane was the Earth.

I saw Lufkin, Texas and Little Rock, Arkansas. At least those are the places I think I saw.

I also saw the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. 

I would term both rivers as “muddy.”

The plane landed in Cincnnati without incident. My baggage was right where it was supposed to be and I was on my way.

I would give this flight a thumbs up in that everybody landed in one piece.

It’s really all you can ask.

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