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Light Posting For Next Few Days

I’ll be posting each day for the next few days, but the posts may be short.

Above you see a picture I took of a ship in Corpus Christi Bay.

Enjoy this world ship tracker web page. It has the location of many of the world’s big ships.    

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What Is America?

What is America?

I believe America is the rule of law, the acceptance of the results of free and fair elections, and the inclusion of people of all kinds in the national life.

What America is not is any specific religion, skin color or language.

This does not mean people should not learn English. It does mean that if America is a majority Spanish-speaking nation in 100 years, that it could still be an America of laws, democracy and inclusion.

America is both a political state and a product of the imagination.

This is my view of America.    

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