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Six Week Wait For Pennsylvania Primary Was Like Crossing A Long Stupid Desert

Mercifully, it is finally Pennsylvania primary day.

It had been nearly six weeks since the last primary day.

Who thought such a schedule would be a good idea? 

I’m so glad I won’t have to hear much more about this contest after this week.

Why discuss issues like the world food crisis, when you can have weeks and weeks of so-called pundits going on and on about the Pennsylvania primary? Do any of them say anything that the average engaged citizen does not already know? 

For people who follow the news, getting to this day was like crossing a long stupid desert of arid nonsense while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fought like scorpions.   

Here is a history of the Pennsylvania Primary.

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  1. You said it. I’m in Texas and that was crazy. I glad this day has come and will end.

    Comment by scratchatary | April 22, 2008

  2. Yep—Thank you for this comment.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 22, 2008

  3. I heard a rumor that Hillary wants to tear down Obama in this primary to the point where McCain will win in the fall, thereby setting herself up for another run in 2012. Makes some sense. She can’t win the Dem nomination even if she wins Penn this evening. She has resorted to using Republican smear tactics and it has had an effect. Problem for Hillary is that Obama will win this election and will probably win again in 2012. By then the good folks of NY will recognize her for what she is.

    Comment by LClyde | April 22, 2008

  4. If we had publicly funded elections much of this circus could be avoided. And why aren’t elections held on the weekends?

    Comment by LClyde | April 22, 2008

  5. She’s the most effective individual to deal with foreign affairs, which will be the most important issue of this race in the end. How can we fix our economy without better foreign relations? Clearly, we cannot. Globalization insists upon improved relations and returning the US to it’s pre-Bush standing.

    This will be the fourth attempt for Obama to knock Clinton out of the race. He’s been incapable of doing so, which demonstrates his lack of feasibility as a candidate.

    There are good reasons why the superdelegates should ignore the Obama Campaigns cries for all Superdelegates to swing for Obama and instead endorse Mrs Clinton. There’s no question that superdelegates will consider electability as a factor in deciding whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Clinton CAN beat McCain in November. Obama cannot if he is on the ticket as President. Him as VP is a different story: http://clintonista.wordpress.com/

    Comment by Clintonista | April 22, 2008

  6. Lclyde–We have to hope that Senator Clinton sees the right path and quits the race. Publically funded elections would be excellent. So would voting on weekends. Instead,I think the idea is to keep average people from having the say they should have.

    Clintonista—Senator Clinton had the chance to show her insight on the Iraq war vote. She can try her racial arguments about Mr. Obama being unable to win as much as she wishes, yet polls still show Mr. Obama as the stronger candidate.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 23, 2008

  7. Obama as proven over and over again that he cant close the show. The rookie attracts great crowds, speaks well, looks good.

    Can’t win.

    Comment by John Cobarruvias | April 23, 2008

  8. Uh….this schedule was set in stone about 40 billion years ago.

    Although the internets were not created by Al Gore at the time, you complaining about the process is a bit late.

    We all knew this was the schedule before it started. Why start complaining about it now?

    Comment by John Cobarruvias | April 23, 2008

  9. John–The schedule was dumb when it was made. It was dumb at the front with Michigan and Florida trying to move up and it is dumb at the end as we are seeing now. Thanks for your comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 23, 2008

  10. Still, you could have complained when it could have done some good instead of just complaining.

    Comment by john cobarruvias | April 23, 2008

  11. John–You complain all the time about all sorts of stuff. You are a champion complainer.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 23, 2008

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