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Six Week Wait For Pennsylvania Primary Was Like Crossing A Long Stupid Desert

Mercifully, it is finally Pennsylvania primary day.

It had been nearly six weeks since the last primary day.

Who thought such a schedule would be a good idea? 

I’m so glad I won’t have to hear much more about this contest after this week.

Why discuss issues like the world food crisis, when you can have weeks and weeks of so-called pundits going on and on about the Pennsylvania primary? Do any of them say anything that the average engaged citizen does not already know? 

For people who follow the news, getting to this day was like crossing a long stupid desert of arid nonsense while Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fought like scorpions.   

Here is a history of the Pennsylvania Primary.

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I Had A Dream Last Night That Howard Dean Had Become President

I had a dream last night that Howard Dean had become President.

In my dream, Governor Dean became President after Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could not end their campaign.

John McCain was never in the dream. Mr. Dean simply became President when the Democratic race got log jammed.  

In this dream I had last night Republican don’t even exist. 

It was a pretty good dream.

Though I wish it had gone on longer to the point where the first President from Vermont ordered that all citizens should receive free maple syrup.  

I once had a dream that Mary Tyler Moore had become President.

This was a disappointing dream because it turned out that she was a Republican.

Though in reality—not to suggest that my dreams are not reality—I’m pretty sure Mary Tyler Moore is a Democrat.

Below is what a Mary Tyler Moore administration would look like.

President Moore is in the center and is surrounded by her cabinet.


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America Welcomed Pope With Resumption Of Death Penalty & With Immigrant Raids

Pope Benedict was welcomed to the United States over the last week with a Supreme Court decision opening the way to resumption of the death penalty and with stepped up immigration raids.  

Both these actions are contrary to Catholic teachings.

The church has long been opposed to the death penalty.

The Pope spoke about the need for humane treatment of immigrants in his recent visit. 

This is a sick country in many ways.

We seem crazed with violence and war. 

We use vulnerable and desperate immigrants for cheap labor when it suits us, and as political fodder when it suits us.

The Pope got a sense of this sickness on his trip here. 

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