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In The Midwestern Earthquake I Felt, People Ignored It As If It Happens Everyday

The Midwestern earthquake earlier this morning was no real surprise.

( Above you see a map of the epicenters of Midwestern earthquakes since 1974.)

This earthquake, centered in southern Illinois, was 5.2 on the Richter scale.

There was little damage.

Here is an explanation of the Richter scale. 

The New Madrid fault zone is the source of many of these earthquakes. Here is information on that fault zone from the U. of Arkansas at Little Rock. 

The 1811 & 1812 New Madrid earthquakes were very powerful. 

Here is the Earthquake Hazards Program of the U.S. Geological Survey.

I was in a Midwestern earthquake in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1980. I was 12. I was at a movie theater when it happened. The theater shook and swayed.

My mother and I got out of our seats and walked to the lobby to try and figure out what was going on. Many others did as well. This seemed like a normal reaction to shaking and swaying. This would seem especially the case when you’ve never been in an earthquake before.

What struck me at the time was the number of people who did not move from their movie seats.  A 12 year old knew something was up, but many just sat there. It was hard to see how people could have missed feeling the quake.

You wonder sometimes how folks can often be so oblivious to things taking place right in front of them. Whenever I see someone who seems clueless, I think back to that earthquake.

Below is information on that 1980 earthquake from the Ohio Seismic Network ( Click here for the full link.) — The earthquake that shook Ohio and all or portions of 13 other states and southern Canada on July 27, 1980, initiated numerous media and citizen inquiries concerning this particular earthquake and the general seismicity of Ohio. Many residents of Ohio were amazed to learn that the state had ever experienced any previous earthquakes and were startled to find out that more than 100 earthquakes have been reported from the state since 1776.

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Black Run Politics Blog In Houston—Where Are Other Such Blogs In Texas?

A fine Houston blog I’ve recently discovered is There…Already.

Here is the link.

This is a blog with a lot of political content that is run by Black folks.

I’ve long thought that Houston and Texas have a lack of Black-run blogs with some focus on politics.   

Dallas South is, you might guess, out of Dallas. Dallas South is a good blog.

Dallas South is mentioned in this National Public Radio report about Black bloggers focusing on the Jena Six issue. 

Liberal and progressive blogging in Texas does not seem fully demographically representative of the people who hold liberal and progressive views in Texas. 

The AfroSpear is a loose association of a number of Black bloggers across the country.

If there are other politically orientated Black bloggers in Houston and in Texas, I’d like to know. I’m sure I’ve missed some people.

If my new friends at There…Already would like me to buy them a beer, I’d be happy to do so.

Here is a history of African-American newspapers in the United States

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