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Right Wing Blogs Flock To Link To Texas Liberal

Conservative blogs are have been flocking in recent days to link to Texas Liberal.

Well—If you can call two a flock.

BlogHouston linked to me (twice) for my criticism of Houston-area Democratic State Representative and slumlord Hubert Vo. These links made me wonder if I had been wrong in my post on the subject. 

I wasn’t though. Mr. Vo is a slumlord.  

Lone Star Times mocked my post about visiting the Discovery Green Park in Houston. Some of the comments are kind of funny.

Repeat visitors to this blog may notice that I rarely criticize Republicans. I do sometimes, but mostly not.

I take this course because I don’t see much point. I have only so much time to write blog posts, and I don’t want to do something that is being done just as well or better by many others.

Also, the “conversation” that takes place on many political blogs is often, in my view, a waste of time. It is often just a back-and-forth over the same topics time and time again. Reading Lone Star Times will convey a clear sense of what I mean here.

My view is that anybody who spells your name right and links to your blog has done you a favor. If Michelle Malkin would like to send some traffic my way, she is more than welcome to do so.

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  1. Neil,
    Amen to your comments regarding Lone Star Times. Some of their comments are kinda funny, but mostly they are boorish and shallow. Their arrogance will cause any thinking person to be taken aback. God bless ’em though, their time is almost up….

    Comment by LClyde | April 16, 2008

  2. They appear to be big fans of your poetry, Neil.

    This demonstrates deeper thinking on the part of their readership; something that ought to be encouraged.

    Comment by PDiddie | April 16, 2008

  3. “My view is that anybody who spells your name right and links to your blog has done you a favor.”

    I wholeheartedly agree.

    Comment by Matt Bramanti | April 16, 2008

  4. Neil – I’m very impressed that you’ve inspired so many people to take up poetry! More of our social discourse should take such creative forms. Thanks for your entertaining and informative writing.

    Comment by Brian Kenney | April 16, 2008

  5. Hi Neil,

    Thanks to you (and your readers) for understanding we were just trying to have some good-natured fun.

    Perhaps a LST vs. TL “poetry slam” down at Discovery Green could settle this once and for all?

    You bring the veggie burgers…

    Comment by David Benzion | April 16, 2008

  6. You are fair that is true. i am not as fair as you though i am fair in many ways in my mind. both sides need to figure out how to get our elected officials to pass laws to help the avg. american. 95% fall under avg. or below avg as far as income housing bills retirement etc…

    Comment by bill brady | April 17, 2008

  7. ** BlogHouston linked to me (twice) for my criticism of Houston-area Democratic State Representative and slumlord Hubert Vo. These links made me wonder if I had been wrong in my post on the subject. **


    Unlike most local bloggers, we go out of our way to read/link all sorts of local blogs. Just look at our blogroll or my Houston blogs on bloglines. Different perspectives are good.

    And unlike the Netroots or the Church of Dan, I don’t really see our blog’s purpose as pushing favored pols. The parties and pols have plenty of resources. They can damn well do that themselves. We’ll stick to pushing for limited government, transparent government, fair media coverage, and informed policy formation. And mocking those who fall way short.

    Comment by kevin whited | April 17, 2008

  8. LClyde–Thanks for your comments on two posts today. I hope you’ll read the blog often.

    Mr. Diddie–Yes. I may have started them on a road to as yet unseen more thoughtful and softer side.

    Matt–Thanks for the comment.

    Brian–Thanks for the link on your blog. I’ve been remiss not to add you and I’ll do so soon. It is indeed good that I have inspired many to poetry.

    David–Any time you want to engage this blog you are fully welcome. Be sure to see my space on the Chronicle and criticize me there as well. I just had a hamburger for dinner, but I have been known to order a veggie burger.

    Bill—It is hard to grasp why are leaders act as they do. Or–it just might be all the money.

    Kevin—All righty.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 17, 2008

  9. You should get the word out to Ann Coulter that you support gays. SHhe would have a field day and send everyone your way. I have to say, though, I think she is a character actress, much like Elvira. My guess is that she takes off the blond wig and short black skirt at night and watches Suze Orman and Jim Cramer.

    Comment by jos76 | April 20, 2008

  10. I have wondered if she means a word she says

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 21, 2008

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