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New Report On Rising Sea Levels

Here is a BBC article about sea levels rising in the 21st century and the impact this could have on low-lying nations such as Bangladesh.  

New information on this topic comes from a British/Finnish research team and was discussed at a conference in Vienna.  Sea levels seem likely to rise in way not seen in the last 2000 years.

Here is an article about the causes of sea level increases and how such things are measured.  

This is a very interesting tour of Bangladesh by way of its rivers. The theme of the tour is the impact of climate change on Bangladesh. 

This issue should be a big part of the American Presidential campaign. But Senator McCain’s electoral base does not care and Senator’s Obama and Clinton have often lacked the personal discipline and maturity to discuss real issues instead of silliness.  

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  1. That’s right Neil. This is THE big deal, even bigger than “running out of oil” or Iraq or Al-queaieeouda. I am selling my place here at the beach (about 2 feet above sea level…

    Comment by Mr. Natural | April 16, 2008

  2. when the caps finish melting it will cause the waters to cool and we will go into a colder climate and the ice caps will reform, from what i read we will all freeze to death before we catch fire, regaurdless there is no way to slow consumption unless we create laws that limit human reproduction, that also will not happen until its too late. the scientist are downplayed by the christians that think this is all gods will, christians that dont believe this is the will of god are voiceless and limited.

    Comment by bill brady | April 17, 2008

  3. Mr. Natural—2 feet above sea level!!! On Galveston Island that’s like a mountain.

    Bill–One way or another we have troubles we could at least try to address if the candidates would help make it an issue.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 17, 2008

  4. people need to address not candidates. and not buying biofuels and green products from target. less consumption is the only way to slow down the process. we need to consume less as a world and simple things like trolley cars might make people not drive as often and reusable waste from yards and simple compost for wet garbage so we are not filling the land with our garbage are good starts. we need to not be so lazy and expect to keep filling bags with shit and expect to never end up in our own backyards.

    Comment by bill brady | April 17, 2008

  5. People do have greater obligations than they are currently meeting. The same would go for myself on this issue.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 18, 2008

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