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New Report On Rising Sea Levels

Here is a BBC article about sea levels rising in the 21st century and the impact this could have on low-lying nations such as Bangladesh.  

New information on this topic comes from a British/Finnish research team and was discussed at a conference in Vienna.  Sea levels seem likely to rise in way not seen in the last 2000 years.

Here is an article about the causes of sea level increases and how such things are measured.  

This is a very interesting tour of Bangladesh by way of its rivers. The theme of the tour is the impact of climate change on Bangladesh. 

This issue should be a big part of the American Presidential campaign. But Senator McCain’s electoral base does not care and Senator’s Obama and Clinton have often lacked the personal discipline and maturity to discuss real issues instead of silliness.  

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Right Wing Blogs Flock To Link To Texas Liberal

Conservative blogs are have been flocking in recent days to link to Texas Liberal.

Well—If you can call two a flock.

BlogHouston linked to me (twice) for my criticism of Houston-area Democratic State Representative and slumlord Hubert Vo. These links made me wonder if I had been wrong in my post on the subject. 

I wasn’t though. Mr. Vo is a slumlord.  

Lone Star Times mocked my post about visiting the Discovery Green Park in Houston. Some of the comments are kind of funny.

Repeat visitors to this blog may notice that I rarely criticize Republicans. I do sometimes, but mostly not.

I take this course because I don’t see much point. I have only so much time to write blog posts, and I don’t want to do something that is being done just as well or better by many others.

Also, the “conversation” that takes place on many political blogs is often, in my view, a waste of time. It is often just a back-and-forth over the same topics time and time again. Reading Lone Star Times will convey a clear sense of what I mean here.

My view is that anybody who spells your name right and links to your blog has done you a favor. If Michelle Malkin would like to send some traffic my way, she is more than welcome to do so.

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