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Sun Halo On Ethiopian Election Day Seen By Some As Sign & Links To Ethiopian Bloggers

On a day of local elections in Ethiopia last Sunday, a halo around the sun was seen by some as a sign from God or a miracle of some sort.

( Above is a painting in a church in an Ethiopian town called Bahar Dar.  Here is information about that town. It seems an interesting place to visit.)

Here is information about religion in Ethiopia.  

Some say that an Ethiopian sun halo in 1991 led to a change in government  

Here is a story about this most recent halo. Regretfully, the same corrupt bunch has been returned to office.

If I were running for office, and people believed a cloud formation had spelled out my name and this was a sign to vote for me, I would do all I could to encourage such speculation.

On the other hand, if people saw such a cloud formation as the Devil’s work, I would call for reason to prevail and for a campaign based on the issues.

Please click here for a story about a minister in Houston who says he has a Cheeto that looks like Jesus with his arms out and praying.

And here is a man who says he saw the image of Jesus in a frying pan.

This is all fine by me. It is not hurting anybody. Sometimes I’m a bit envious of people who feel they see these things. I don’t believe in any miracles. Maybe life is easier if you do. In any case, I’m not judgemental about this stuff. People are just trying to get by.

Here is a story about what was stake in Ethiopia in these elections. It seems democracy still has some ground to gain in Ethiopia.

Click here for a BBC overview of the current state of Ethiopia.   

Here is the Ethiopian Reporter newspaper.

Here is the Ethiopia page from the excellent Global Voices

( The bloggers below are not people who saw the sun halo as a sign. I’m taking this post as a chance to link to some of our blogger friends around the world.) 

Here is the Ethiopian blog Addis Journal.

Here is the blog My e-Shoe Box. 

Here is the blog Merkato.

Here is the blog Meskel Square. It is by a journalist who spent time in Ethiopia and is now in Sudan. 

Here is Abesha Bunna Bet. This gentleman is someone now living outside of Ethiopia.

Below is a picture of last Sunday’s sun halo in Ethiopia.

Here are the reasons a sun halo would occur.

 The sun over Addis Ababa on Sunday


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  1. I’m one of those bloggers mentioned above. However, my link wasn’t trying to imply there was a “Godly” sign in the said phenomenon. I made a post so people will be able to watch the video of the said sun halo my brother of 14 took.

    Thought i should clear that up.

    Comment by abesheet | April 16, 2008

  2. Just found this site. Hope it’s a place where many different views are given voice…..

    Comment by LClyde | April 16, 2008

  3. abesheet-Nothing to clear up–Just wanted to link to some bloggers from Ethiopia.

    lcyde–Anybody who would like to comment is free to do so.

    Thanks for both comments.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 16, 2008

  4. Change is coming and right soon. Many conservatives grimmace at the thought of a Democrat as president. Most of these right wingers are good folks, however they are arrogant. Our economy is headed for a hard landing, our citizens are bitterly divided and people from other countries recoil in horror at what we have wrought. Just read local conservative blogs and see what I mean. Thankfully we have a candidate, Barack Obama, who offers hope in these troubled times.

    Comment by LClyde | April 16, 2008

  5. I am a democrat and we too are arrogant to think we are right, both sides have rights and wrongs and i am partial to the democratic side. one day in ethiopia for the avg. american would be like a day in hell that we imagine hell to be like. I would like hillary and obama to take a stand on the poor of this country and the world. edwards had one thing right for sure. we are divided by ourselves and we let our selves be divided by media and greed and arrogance and religion, we all have blood on our hands. Bush has over 4000 us deaths on his hands and ten of if not hundreds of thousand iraq lives that he will answer for. meanwhile we have people attacking athletes running with a torch for the one event that has brought attention to the plight of the tibetan, where were these assholes for the last 20 years?

    Comment by bill brady | April 17, 2008

  6. LClyde—I can’t improve on what you have said.

    Bill—I’m with you up until the torch run. People have been making an issue of Tibet for many years now. Any chance to bring attention the bad acts of the Chinese government should be taken.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 17, 2008

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