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Photo Of Ohio River From Eden Park Overlook In Cincinnati

Here is a photo of the Ohio River I took from the Eden Park overlook in Cincinnati. I took this picture last July.

Here is information about Eden Park. 

I was thinking about our great inland rivers this morning because I have started to read Mark Twain–A Life by Ron Powers.

The Ohio River and Twain’s Mississippi River connect in Cairo, Illinois.

We are all connected as well.   

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Photo Of Big Shadows Over Corpus Christi Bay

This is a photo of buildings making big shadows on Corpus Christi Bay. I took this picture last month.

You don’t need to see the buildings to be fairly certain there are buildings near by.

Please click here for my post earlier this week about Sojourner Truth’s comment that she “sells the shdow to support the substance.” 

Here is a map of Corpus Christi Bay.

Here is information about the ecology of Corpus Christi Bay.

Here is information on visiting Corpus Christi, Texas

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