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Sojourner Truth—I Sell The Shadow To Support The Substance

I saw this picture of Sojourner Truth a few days ago with the caption below, and I knew I had to have it in the blog.

“I sell the shadow to support the substance.”

Sometimes hard facts are best and are what you need.

But so often, when you are trying to convince someone of something, or trying to understand something yourself, it is the essence of the facts, or the essence of the larger point, that you are looking for.

I’ve found that people easily able to grasp the essence of the matter at hand, or the “shadow” as Sojourner Truth says here, are often the more flexible and humane people I meet.

Rigidity and needing every fact can be toxic to understanding the world around you and getting along with others.

Being open and flexible and grasping the issue at hand from the facts that are available is a gift.

Here is information about Sojourner Truth

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I Told Car Rental Agent That I Love Both Hindus & Muslims

I recently booked a car rental over the phone.

I use the phone instead of the computer so I can help keep people employed.

The rental car reservation guy, based on his accent and the fact the connection was lousy, was, I guessed, in India.

I want to keep people employed in India as well.

He seemed like a nice guy. He was telling me what a great deal I’d get if I rented this car or that car. It was quite a pitch. It was funny. 

I said to him–“Hey, where are you? India?”

He said–”That’s right sir.”

I told him that while I have never been to India, that I would vote for the Congress Party and never for the BJP.

Congress and the BJP are the two leading parties of India. Congress is currently in government while the BJP is in opposition. 

Broadly speaking, the Congress Party, for all its many flaws, sees pluralistic democracy as the underlying principle of the Indian state, while the BJP sees Hindu nationalism as the underlying principle of the Indian state.

Well–You know what side of the aisle you and I are on when faced with a choice such as that.

The political state and the operations of democracy must rest on the widest possible foundations.

The man in India told me he had voted BJP in the last election, but had been considering a switch.

I said that I love both Hindus and Muslims and that this pluralism was the proper basis of democracy.

Who knows if he agreed with me, but  he did seem to grasp what I was saying. I gave him credit just for that.  

It is always the right time for politics. It is always the right time to express concern for our Hindu and Muslim brothers and sisters and for all people.

Here is an overview of the current situation in India from the BBC.

And here is a link to Indian politics as seen by The Economist. If you click the country briefing link at the bottom of the politics info, you’ll find much more information.   

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