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I Brought A Plant And Some Pens To Rick Noriega For U.S. Senate HQ

A source inside the Rick Noriega for U.S. Senate campaign told me the campaign headquarters, located at 3200 Kirby Drive in Houston, did not have a plant and that it was often hard to find a pen.

This afternoon I brought the Noriega campaign a plant and 52 pens.

My source was wrong about the absence of a plant.

Now they have two plants.

Below is what the Noriega headquarters looks like after the addition of my plant today–

However, the young woman who took the pens agreed it is often difficult to find a pen at the Noriega shop.    

Here is the link to the Rick Noriega campaign for the U.S. Senate.    

Here is a post I wrote about receiving a gift of a nice pen from a friend. If we can’t communicate with ourselves, how can we communicate with others? 

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