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All People Matter

Welcome To Texas Liberal

Texas Liberal is a blog of politics and political history.

Additional focuses of the blog are books, art, poetry, personal relationships and, also, sea life and marine mammals. 

While I am in Houston, Texas, this is not a Texas political blog. Though I do sometimes write about Texas and Houston issues.   

I often write about my former hometown of Cincinnati, and about the great beach city of Galveston, Texas. 

I define liberalism as a role for government in the economy, and broad acceptance of people regardless of who they are.

This is why it says “All People Matter” at the top of the blog.  

A blog grows one reader at a time. If you like what you read here, please consider forwarding the link.  

Texas Liberal began regular posting on July 25, 2006.

I also blog at the Houston Chronicle as one of eight featured political bloggers, and on Where’s The Outrage? which posts out of North Carolina.

I can be reached at naa six-one-eight at att dot-com. 

Thanks for reading Texas Liberal.

The drawing above is of the extinct Cretan Dwarf Hippopotamus

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