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Superdelegates Have Option To Deny Either Candidate A Majority

Superdelegates have a third option at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

Assuming that neither Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama wins a majority during the campaign, superdelegates can deny either candidate a majority.

As we’ve heard many times, superdelegates can vote for anybody they choose.

They could rally around one person, vote for themselves or their husbands or whoever, or they can vote for some type of placeholder person and let the process take its course. 

If when we get to the convention neither candidate seems electable, there is nothing that prohibits the convention from voting until a winner is found.

The roll of the states can be called as many times as need be.

Sooner or later some candidate, and it does not have to be Senator Clinton or Senator Obama, would emerge and win a majority of delegates. 

We’re not to this point yet, and I hope we don’t get there, but it is an option.

Here is a history of the superdelegate.

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  1. popular vote is the only real way to go about these things. these super dels and state point and population centers are shit. my opinion is the popular vote should stand as the voice of america.

    Comment by bill brady | March 21, 2008

  2. I go with that for the end of the Electoral College, but where we have already had some primaries and also some caucuses, the popular vote for this race can’t really be judged.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 21, 2008

  3. I think it would be exciting and create a huge TV audience if the campaign went to the convention without a clear leader and actual delegate votes had to be taken like in the “old days”. Convention recently have become boring showcases.

    Comment by D White | March 21, 2008

  4. It would be fun. And , even as Mr.Obama seems to be closer to the nomination after the Bill Richardson endorsement, I’m not sure it would do in the Democratic candidate in the fall.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 22, 2008

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